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Coastal Processes, Geomorphology and Erosion


Researcher: Dr Norm Catto

The coastline of Newfoundland responds to changes in weather, storm activity, sea ice extent, sea level change, and human modification. Focus areas of study include:

  • changes in relative sea level
  • rates and processes of coastal erosion
  • impacts on infrastructure and communities
  • sensitivity of beaches to petroleum contamination
  • sedimentology and coastal dynamics

Impacts of Climate Change in Atlantic Canada, TWOS analysis: presented at Moncton, NB, 25 June 2008

Impacts of Climate Change and Variation on the Natural Areas of Newfoundland and Labrador-Executive summary. The complete report (35 M) is available upon e-mail request to ncatto (at)

Sedimentology and Sensitivity to Petroleum Pollution, Southern Shore Beaches - poster, Etheridge and Catto

Beach litter: volumes, sources, and movement, Avalon Peninsula - poster, Pink and Catto

Climate Change and Coastal Erosion in Newfoundland

Sea Level Rise and Climate Change in NL

Climate and Hazards in Eastern and Central NL

Resource-based activities in Atlantic Canada: Adaptations to climate change

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