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About Arctic Research


Memorial University has a number or research projects ongoing in the Canadian Arctic. Research ongoing has the involvement of many people with a variety of backgrounds.

Current aims are to:

  • Examine post glacial relative sea-level change in the Canadian Arctic
  • Examine patterns of coastal erosion and permafrost degradation
  • Examine impacts of erosion and sedimentation on benthic marine biodiversity
  • Find ways to help communities become better prepared for the effects of climate change

Support and Funding

Arctic research programs are funding by a variety of contributors:

Climate Impacts and Adaptations Directorate (CCIAD) of Natural Resources Canada,

Arctic Net,

Public Safety and Emergency Preparedness Canada (PSEPC),

Infrastructure Canada,

the Northern Scientific Training Program of Indian and Northern Affairs Canada (NSTP),

Memorial University,

as well as a number of agencies and community groups who are directly involved with relevant research projects.


Effects of Climate Change on Coastal Geomorphology and Benthic Biotic Communities, South Western Banks Island, NWT [.pdf]

Using Multibeam Survey Systems to Map the Seabed and Coastal Features in the Canadian Arctic [.pdf]

Things Change, We Change: Coastal Zone Canada 2006 Parewick

Dark Age Ahead: Resilience in Arctic Communities Canadian Risks and Hazards Research Network

Arctic Coastal Dynamics: Planning for Community Resilience in the Canadian Arctic

Arctic Coastal Dynamics: Resilience in Tuktoyaktuk

Arctic Net Annual Meeting: Resilience in Tuktoyaktuk (english)

Arctic Net Annual Meeting: Resilience in Tuktoyaktuk (inuktituk)

KOA: Planning for resilence in Tuktoyaktuk

Sensitivity to Petroleum Contamination, Gjoa Haven, Nunavut