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Dr. Rodolphe Devillers (Department of Geography)
Dr. Evan Edinger (Departments of Geography and Biology)


Dr. Jonathan Fisher (Fisheries and Marine Institute, Memorial University of Newfoundland)

Thesis Title

Multiscale patterns of abiotic and biotic habitat interaction by Atlantic cod, Gadus morhua: use of acoustic techniques towards better habitat identification.

Research Description

Atlantic cod, Gadus morhua has been an important species in Newfoundland. Fisheries management now mandates that habitat is a key component of stock recovery for many fish species including cod. Much focus on cod habitat use has been based on telemetry and split-beam acoustic observations. A lack of data has been previously collected on topographic measurements and sediment distribution associated with cod distribution at fine scales. Moreover little work has been done toward linking the distribution of the species in relation to the distribution of key sources of benthic nutrition. My research will use acoustic techniques to assess the habitat used by Newfoundland's largest spawning and overwintering stock of G.morhua. A data collection tool will be the internally developed, Memorial University, MUN explorer. Part of my research will be to demonstrate how the low altitude and high resolution data collection contributes to the description of habitat. Through knowing the specifics of G.morhua habitat and specifically spawning habitat, more precise management plans can be made toward stock replenishment.

Research Interests

  • Marine Ecology
  • Conservation and Restoration
  • Marine Resource Management
  • Biogeography


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