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Dr. Ratana Chuenpagdee



Thesis Title


Research Description

Illegal fishing and the trade of illegal fish has threatened the biological, social, financial and cultural integrity of the Lake Victoria resources and those that depend on them. However, for many years the state has focused on the use of criminal sanctions and heavy penalties as a deterrent against involvement in illegal fishing practices. The evidence though is that, this approach has been ineffective. This raises questions with regards to how management mechanisms are formulated and implemented within a broader framework of governance. In other words, what kind of relationship exists between illegal fishing and co-management as a governance mechanism?

This study will draw from the Interactive governance theory that focuses on understanding the characteristics of the natural and social systems that are being governed, the governing systems, and their interactions. It posits that conservation concerns and challenges in fisheries and coastal zones lie in all these aspects, and the overall quality of governance can be improved with such understanding. In particular, the study aims at examining the link between governance system, illegal fishing and sustainable fisheries.

The research will also assist in addressing the missing link in co-management approach in Lake Victoria fisheries and issues related to governance in fisheries, hence improving sustainability of the fisheries resources.

Research Interests

  • Fisheries governance
  • Small scale fisheries
  • Co-management


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