Daniel Bégin


Marine Geomatics Research Lab
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Dr. Rodolphe Devillers, Memorial University
Dr. Stéphane Roche, Université Laval

Thesis Title

TBD (Something about Volunteers Geographic Information (VGI) contributors' assessment)

Research Description

I'm mainly interested in Volunteers Geographic Information (VGI). VGI is now regarded as a potential source of geographical information even by authoritative data producers, namely mapping agencies.

Before integrating VGI data in authoritative datasets, or using it in any application, it must be assess to insure it has the expected level of quality. My specific interest in to determine how to evaluate a priori VGI data. The challenge here is that VGI is much more similar to Wiki information (like Wikipedia) than any usual geographical data source. Is it possible to evaluate VGI data quality based only on self-contained information?

Many researchers have proposed trust stratification methodologies for Wiki information. They are usually based on contributors' trust level that is gain (or lost) through their editing history. I wish to explore the same type of approach for VGI, by applying it on Openstreetmap data.


Beaulieu A., Bégin D., Genest D. Community Mapping and Government Mapping: Potential Collaboration? Symposium of Commission I, ISPRS, Calgary, June 2010


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