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Scott Hatcher


Office: SN 2005
Phone: (709)-864-6127


Dr. Don Forbes
Trevor Bell (Advisor)
Norm Catto (Advisor)

Thesis Title


Research description

Large scale research projects looking at the effects of climate change in the Arctic, specifically concerning the adaptation capacity of northern peoples, have produced an environment of collaboration between science and policy makers across many Arctic communities. In a landscape of adaptation based policy planning in Arctic communities, sound geoscience research at a regional and local scale is crucial in informing this flux of energy - which looks to incorporate many sources of knowledge in the north - on making the most effective decisions concerning proper adaptation schemes to oncoming and current challenges. In my M.Sc. research I am looking to incorporate a geomorphological description, based on field study data, into the myriad sources of data being incorporated into the adaptation planning framework of the city of Iqaluit, Nunavut, under the Nunavut Climate Change Partnership. I argue that the specific geomorphological stressors of Iqaluit's unique setting in a subArctic macro-tidal environment provide a differing picture of future sustainability challenges in comparison to other Arctic communities, and that planning on a regional scale would fail to incorporate these effectively.

Research Interests

  • Coastal systems
  • Arctic coastal hazards
  • Relationships between a changing climate and changing coastal wave climates
  • Nearshore geography


Hatcher, S.V., Forbes, D.F., Manson, G.M., (2011). Coastal Hazard Assessment for Adaptation Planning in an Expanding Arctic Municipality. C-Change ICURA working paper #23. Available online at:


2009 Essay contest winner, Society for the History of Discoveries, $600 (2009)

Department of Indian Affairs and Northern Development, Northern Scientific Training Program Arctic Research Grant, $3368 (2011)