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Erin Araujo


                                                                                                                                      Erin Araujo


Office:  CHAT Lab, CS Portable                                   

Telephone: coming soon

Fax: (709) 864- 3119
E-mail: ela120[at]mun[dot]ca


Dr. Josh Lepawsky


Dr. Mario Blaser and TBA

Thesis Title


Research description

My proposed research focuses on the development of alternative community economies in Mexico and Peru through refurbishing imported electronic devices that were deemed as waste and imported from countries with high levels of new electronics consumption and wasting. 

Through this project I seek to understand: what is the process and experience of people that engage in the creation of alternative economies with the explicit goal of funding movements for social change? How does that impact their understanding of economies, waste, electronics and themselves? How do the experiences of individuals and collectives that are focused on creating alternative economic options for themselves and their communities differ from the experiences of individuals and collectives that do the same work of refurbishing electronic waste as an occupation or source of traditional capitalist employment?

Research interests

  • Alternatives to Capitalism and Developing Alternative Economies
  • Anarchist Geographies
  • Community Building
  • Decolonization Studies
  • Participatory Action Research and Asset Based Community Development
  • The Americas

Professional associations and networks

Society of Women Geographers, member since 2007

Association of American Geographers, member since 2007