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Creighton Connolly


Office: SN 1021
Phone: (709)-864-6127


Dr. Josh Lepawsky

Thesis Title

Gray Zones in the Global Trade and Traffic of Electronic Waste

Research description

My research is part of a larger project called Mapping Canada’s Role in the International Trade and Traffic of Electronic Waste here at Memorial University. I will specifically be looking at (il)licit trading practices for electronic waste in Singapore and its surrounding region. My work investigates the (in)effectiveness of international legislation governing the trade of electronic waste, specifically the Basel Convention, as well as domestic regulation policies and practices. My research questions include the following:

  • How are international trade networks of electronic waste formed and organized?
  • How do these networks generate ‘zones of ambiguity’ in which legality is in question?
  • Who are the agents enabling the licit and illicit trade between Canada, Singapore and other nations?

Research Interests

  • cultural geography
  • urban geography
  • radical geographies
  • actor-network theory
  • waste studies
  • Geographies of Asia