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Chris McNabb


Office: SN2005


Dr. Josh Lepawsky

Thesis Title (working title)

The Institutional Production of Electronic Waste

Research Description

My project involves undertaking an institutional ethnography of our university here at MUN in order to answer my research questions:

• What does Memorial University define as electronic waste and how much electronic waste (e-waste) does Memorial University of Newfoundland produce annually?
• What are the institutional polices and practices that transform assets into waste?
• What are the 'conduits of disposal' that Memorial employs to divest itself of its assets and how do they work?
• How do these practices and conduits of divestment and disposal constitute broader geographies of waste and value?
Through an intensive examination of the institution of Memorial University, the policies, the practices, as well as the documents and any related organizations will be geographically analyzed in order to establish how geographies of waste and value are constituted through this institution's use and disposal of information and communications technologies.

Research Interests

• cultural geography
• geographies of waste and practices of wasting
• GIS, Remote Sensing and geographic visualization


• Lepawsky, J. & McNabb, C. Accepted. Mapping international flows of electronic waste. The Canadian Geographer.