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Beatrice Frank


Office: SN-1018
Telephone: 709-864-8190
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Dr. Alistair Bath

Thesis title

Understanding conflict and coexistence Human Dimensions in Wild boar management in Lazio Region of Italy

Research description

To comprehend and manage the situation regarding the complex issues facing wild boar in and outside protected areas of Lazio Region, my study will explore the nature of conflict and coexistence between humans and wild boar. The wild boar issue, however, is used as a case study to explore the overarching goal of the PhD dissertation that is to understand the nature of a conflict-coexistence continuum. From the conflict side, wildlife-human interactions can range from a small nuisance to a major conflict, whereas on the coexistence side, we move from a slight, tolerated annoyance, to integration and acceptance of wildlife within the human landscape. The challenge is determining where along this continuum of human-wildlife interactions conflicts become minimized to the degree that coexistence begins to occur. Although interest surrounding the concept of human-wildlife coexistence has recently emerged, human dimensions researchers have mainly focused on conflict resolution challenges rather than on coexistence issues. For some, the discussion of conflict or coexistence may be a matter of semantics but in terms of working toward solutions, concentrating on mechanisms of coexistence are much more positive than mitigating conflicts. Therefore, my study will focus on the development of an index to measure the turning point from conflict to coexistence, on understanding the nature of conflict and how it varies over space and on how attitudes and beliefs vary between resident, non resident and managers involved in wildlife decision-making processes.

Research interests

  • Wildlife management
  • Human dimension in wildlife resource management, parks and protected areas,
  • Conservation biology