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Amy Tucker


Office: IIC-3063


Dr. Ratana Chuenpagdee

Thesis title

Communication in the Placentia Bay/Grand Banks Large Ocean Management Area

Research Description

Canada’s coastal zones and marine resources are under pressure, and stakeholders face immediate challenges to their livelihoods through environmental and social causes. To deal with these challenges, Canada has established legislative and policy frameworks for Integrated Management (IM) designed to facilitate the sustainable use of coastal and ocean resources and space. The IM process aims to incorporate participation, often by including stakeholder groups on planning committees led by Fisheries and Oceans Canada. For participation to occur within IM there must be adequate communication; however, there is a lack of understanding about how communication functions within and between stakeholder groups. In Canada, five Large Ocean Management Areas (LOMAs) have been identified in order to implement IM. One of these is the Placentia Bay/Grand Banks LOMA, in which a planning committee comprised of 26 stakeholder groups has been developed. My research will provide insight into communication in this LOMA by exploring communication between and within stakeholder groups, as well as communication between stakeholder groups and the public.

Research Interests

  • Integrated Coastal and Ocean Management
  • Governance
  • Communication in Natural Resource Management
  • Social Networks
  • Sustainability