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Ahmed Khan


Office: IIC 3063
Telephone: CA +1 709743241

Fax: (709) 864- 3119


Dr. Ratana Chuenpagdee


Dr. Barb Neis (Sociology), Dr. Bob Hooper (Biology) & Dr. Rashid Sumaila (UBC Fisheries Economics Research Unit).

Thesis Title

A Fish Chain Analysis of Northern Gulf Cod Recovery Options

Research description

My PhD thesis in natural resource management aims to generate a holistic understanding of the recovery status and prospects of Northern Gulf cod fisheries through a fish chain analysis. A fish chain is a governance perspective and an analytical framework for understanding fishery systems through the inter-linkages and interactions in the fish production stages from ‘oceans to plate’. Despite two moratoria and recovery initiatives, the current status of Northern Gulf cod stocks is below conservation limit reference points. This stock status has socioeconomic and intergenerational equity concerns. Further, most recovery strategies in Atlantic Canada have focused on marine systems with little research on the human dimension such as markets, socioeconomics, and governance for recovery. To date, no systematic or complete analysis of the cod fish chain, including its role in exploring governance options for recovery has been undertaken. Extending recovery studies to other facets of the fish chain is necessary to assess where in the chain there may be opportunities and options to facilitate recovery. Moreover, comparing the fish chain pre and post collapse is useful in understanding what drives the fish chain and in assessing ecological constraints, policy changes, socioeconomic impacts, spatial governance concerns, institutional arrangements, appropriate policy instruments, incentives and stewardship measures for recovery.

The research will contribute to a better understanding of the recovery prospects of Northern Gulf cod fisheries in western Newfoundland. The fish chain characteristics pre- and post- collapse will be documented and presented at stakeholder workshops through the Community-University Research for Recovery Alliance (CURRA) project. The community partners are willing to provide related information and recommend or act as key informants through the fish chain analysis. The community partners include federal, provincial and municipal officials, fisher unions, regional economic board officials, processors, community associations, policy researchers, and environmental NGOs. The research output will include a community handbook for stakeholders and a policy brief for policy decision-makers.

Research interest

  • Fisheries policy & governance.
  • Natural resource management.
  • Global supply and value chain analyses.
  • Integrated coastal zone planning.
  • Community and regional economic development.


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Key workshops, conferences and symposia attended

  • NCEAS Working Group Workshop on “Sustainable Global Seafood Market & Restored Marine Ecosystems”. University of California, Santa Barbara, CA; Sep, 2009.
  • Ecopath 25th Anniversary Conference and Training Workshops. The Fisheries Centre, UBC, Vancouver, B.C. August, 2009.
  • Global Environmental Change (GLOBEC) 3rd Open Science Meeting “From Ecosystem Function to Ecosystem Prediction”. Victoria, BC, June 2009.
  • OECD Workshop on the Economics of Rebuilding Fisheries "Challenges for Sustainable Fisheries". Newport, RI; May 2009.
  • International Marine Conservation Congress "Making Marine Science Matter". Society for Conservation Biology. Washington DC; May 2009.
  • Fishers Ecological Knowlegde & Ways of Knowing the Sea: The Integration Project. Community-University Research for Recovery Alliance Project Workshop. MUN, St. John's, NL; February 2009.
  • Ocean Research Management Network 2007 Conference “Canada's Ocean: Research, Management and the Human Dimension". Ottawa, ON; Oct. 2007.
  • Centre for Fisheries and Aquaculture Management and Economics Workshop “Social & Natural Scientific Advice in Marine Renewable Resource- Closing the Gap between Politics & Theoretical Ideals in Fisheries Management. University of Southern Denmark; June 2007.
  • Thinking Big: Daniel Pauly Symposium, UBC; Vancouver; May 2006.
  • North American Association of Fisheries Economists, Biannual Conference, University of British Columbia, Vancouver, BC; May 2005.
  • Canadian Climate Impact & Adaptation Research Network Workshop on Community Vulnerability to Flooding & Climate Change. Vancouver, BC; December 2003.
  • Workshop on the Management of Shared Small Pelagic Fishery Resources in Northwest Africa. Banjul, the Gambia; May 2002.

Professional associations and networks

  • American Fisheries Society (AFS)
  • Canadian Association of Geographers (CAG)
  • International Institute for Fisheries Economics and Trade (IIFET)
  • North American Association of Fisheries Economists (NAAFE)
  • West African Research Association (WARA)
  • World University Service Canada (WUSC)