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Rene Enguehard


Office: SN1017
Phone: 864-3097


Dr. Rodolphe Devillers and Dr. Orland Hoeber

Thesis title

Geovisualisation of vessel monitoring system (VMS) data

Research description

My project involves researching a variety of new techniques for spatio-temporal visualization of fishing data. Designing an intuitive system for exploratory spatial data analysis of fishing boat movement data is of particular interest. Some potential questions which scientists may be interested in could be:

• What are the specific trawling and cruising speeds of each fishing boat, based on the positional data?
• What areas are heavily fished and what species would we find there?
• Which boats are slowing or stopping within marine protected areas and why?
• Are the reported catches of fishing boats consistent with the areas from which they fished?
• What was the lapse of time between a boat calling in to port and docking, and where could they have gone in the meantime?

The aim of this research is to find ways of enabling scientists to ask and explore these questions, but also to allow them to formulate new questions. The main goal of this research is to produce new visual representations for spatio-temporal data which could be applied to a variety of fields, including fisheries management.

Research interests

• Geographic visualization
• Temporal visualization
• Music recommendation systems
• Vocational languages (C Common Lisp, Python)
• Esoteric / obfuscated code (Brainfuck, LOLCODE, etc...)
• Code optimization