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Jen Daniels


Office: SN 2005



Drs Charles Mather and Kelly Vodden.
Supervisory member, Dr. Arn Keeling

Thesis Title:

The river multiple: Exploring identity and place in resource politics on the Gander River

Research Description:

The primary goal of this project is to contribute to a growing effort to better understand the role of Aboriginal, and particularly Qalipu Mi’kmaq, communities in Newfoundland and Labrador in environmental governance. The Qalipu Mi'kmaq First Nation Band's status as a landless band poses a challenge to questions of resource governance because they do not have federally granted land-- likewise they live in communities alongside non-Aboriginal residents.

This research seeks to understand how members of the Mi'kmaw- non- Aboriginal communities in central Newfoundland are involved on the Gander River, including: their historic and current use of the river, and how they negotiate environmental decisions with provincial and federal governments and non-governmental organizations.

This project will address the following research questions:

1) In what ways do various policies, and development and management practices affect “landless” Aboriginal communities’ ability to govern resources and mould their identity in place?

2) To what extent are “river-based” identities shared between Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal residents of the communities in the Gander River Watershed?

3) Finally, how are these collective identities mobilized in the context of resource politics?

Research Interests:

development studies; indigenous studies; postcolonial methodologies; praxiography; resource governance; rural and regional development