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Sustainable Communities & Regions

Society, Knowledge & Values

I’m an urban geographer interested in the spatial dynamics of immigration, inclusion, and exclusion in metropolitan settings. My current research explores initiatives to attract and retain immigrants in post-industrial U.S. cities that have struggled with population decline and economic downturn, including Buffalo, Cleveland, Detroit, and Pittsburgh. This project builds on my previous work on the economies and consumption of diversity in Vancouver, Canada and on political and media discourses of immigration in the U.S. and Canada.


  • BA (McGill University 2006) in geography and political science
  • MA (Queen’s University 2008) in geography 
  • Pre-doctoral fellow at the Max Planck Institute for the Study of Religious and Ethnic Diversity in Göttingen, Germany (fall 2012)
  • PhD (University of British Columbia 2013)
  • SSHRC postdoctoral fellowship at Dartmouth College (2014 – 2015)


Journal Articles

Pottie-Sherman, Y. 2017.Austerity urbanism and the promise of immigrant-and refugee-centered urban revitalization in the U.S. Rust Belt. Urban Geography. DOI: 10.1080/02723638.2017.1342398.

Panesar, N., Y. Pottie-Sherman & R. Wilkes. 2017. The Komagata Maru through a media lens. Racial, economic, and political threat in newspaper coverage of the 1914 Komagata Maru affair. Canadian Ethnic Studies 49 (1): 85-101.

Pottie-Sherman, Yolande & Rima Wilkes. 2017. Does size really matter? On the relationship between immigrant group size and anti-immigrant prejudice. International Migration Review. 51(5): 218-250.

Pottie-Sherman, Yolande & Rima Wilkes. 2016. Visual media and the construction of the benign Canadian border on National Geographic’s Border Security. Social & Cultural Geography. 17(1): 81-100.

Pottie-Sherman, Y. and D. Hiebert. 2015. Authenticity with a bang: Exploring suburban culture and migration through the new phenomenon of the Richmond night market. Urban Studies. 52(3): 538-554.

Pottie-Sherman, Y. and R. Wilkes. 2014. Good code bad code: Exploring the immigration-nation dialectic through media coverage of the Hérouxville ‘Code of Life document’. Migration Studies. 2(2): 189-211.

Pottie-Sherman, Y. 2013. Vancouver’s Chinatown Night Market: Gentrification and the perception of Chinatown as a form of revitalization. Built Environment 39(2): 172-189.

Pottie-Sherman, Y. 2012. Talent for citizenship and the American Dream: The U.S. as outlier in the global race for talent. Journal of International Migration and Integration. 14(3): 557-575.

Book Chapters

Lynch, N. and Y. Pottie-Sherman. Urban spatialities beyond gentrification and gated communities. In Bain, A. & Peake, L. (Eds.) Urbanization in a Global Context: A Canadian Perspective. Oxford University Press (Forthcoming).

Pottie-Sherman, Y. & R. Wilkes. 2012. Anti-immigrant sentiment in Canada. In Verea, M. (Ed.), Anti-Immigrant Sentiments, Actions, and Policies in North America and the European Union (pp. 275-290). Mexico City: Centre for Research on North America, Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México.

Working Papers

Teixeira, C. & Y. Pottie-Sherman. 2012. Metropolis British Columbia domain: Housing and neighborhoods literature review, 1996-2012. Metropolis British Columbia Working Paper #12 – 08.

Pottie-Sherman, Y. 2011. Markets and diversity. Max Planck Institute for the Study of Religious and Ethnic Diversity Working Paper #11 – 03. Co-published as Metropolis British Columbia Working Paper # 11 – 01.

Policy Reports & Other Work

Pottie-Sherman, Y. 2014. “Best practices for service providers working with young immigrant professionals on the Lower Mainland.” Research report commissioned by the North Shore Multicultural Society: North Vancouver, Canada.

Pottie-Sherman, Y. 2012. “Citizenship outreach in Vancouver, Victoria, and Surrey.” Research report commissioned by Citizenship and Immigration Canada: Vancouver, Canada.

Pottie-Sherman, Y. 2009. “Best practices for welcoming communities.” Report commissioned by the Ministry of Advanced Education and Labour Market Development: British Columbia, Canada.

Pottie-Sherman, Y. 2009. “Migration scholars working with government in the areas of justice, policing, and security.” Report commissioned by Public Safety Canada: Vancouver, British Columbia.


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