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Thierry Schmitt

CIDCO Centre Interdisciplinaire de Développement en Cartographie des Oceans
Interdisciplinary Development Center in Ocean Mapping
310 Allée des Ursulines, CP3300
G5L 3A1 Rimouski, Province of Québec

Tel (418)725-1732
Fax: (709) 724-1842

Dr Thierry Schmitt is specializing in Marine Geomatics. The main aim of this discipline is to bring a spatial focus to a wide scope of marine disciplines: oceanography, earth sciences, hydrography, fisheries, coastal and offshore engineering… Within this context Dr Schmitt is focusing, not exclusively, on high-resolution seabed surveying.

With a BSc in engineering geology (Université de Nice, France) and MSc in marine geology (Laval University, Quebec) and a PhD in marine geophysics (Cardiff University, Wales, UK), Dr Schmitt research has been concerned with the development of new methods to observe the seabed environment. They have been directed at (1) improving our ability to discriminate acoustically different substratum composing the seabed and sub-seabed; and (2) quantifying the morphodynamics of energetic coastal environments (sandbank). Other areas of interest are coastal sediment transport, coastal oceanography and biological habitat characterisation.

Research Interests

  • Marine Geomatics
  • Technology transfer to the marine user community
  • High resolution seabed and sub-seabed mapping
  • Habitat mapping
  • Seabed classification
  • Geostatistics and data vizualisation
  • Sediment transport
  • Coastal Processes

Selected Publications

  • Schmitt T., Mitchell N.C., Ramsay ATS. (2007). Use of swath bathymetry in the investigation of sand dune geometry and migration around a near shore ‘banner’ tidal sandbank. In: BALSON, P. S. & COLLINS, M. B. 2007. Coastal and Shelf Sediment Transport. Geological Society of London, Special Publications, 274, 53–64.
  • Schmitt T. (2006) Morphology and dynamics of headland connected sandbanks from high-resolution bathymetric surveys: Helwick and Nash Sands, Bristol Channel, UK. Unpublished PhD thesis. School of Earth, Ocean and Planetary Sciences, Cardiff University, Wales, UK.
  • Schmitt T., Mitchell N.C., Ramsay ATS,(2005). Sediment transport pattern of two nearshore sandbanks inferred from time-lapse surveying of sand dunes. In: Hulscher, S. et al. (eds), Marine sandwave and river dune dynamics 2, April 1-2, Univ. of Twente, The Netherlands.
  • Mitchell N.C., Schmitt T., Isidro E., Tempera E., Cardigos F., Nunes J.C., Figueiredo J. (2004). Multibeam sonar survey of the central Azores volcanic islands. InteRidge News, 12(2), pp. 30-32.
  • Schmitt T., Mitchell NC, Ramsay ATS. (2003) Morphological changes of tidal sandbanks connected to a headland assessed by time-lapse multibeam surveys. Geophysical Research Abstracts, Volume 5, 2003, EUG-AGU-EGS, Nice, France April 2003.
  • Woolmer A., Schmitt T., Mitchell N.C. (2003) Mapping of sediment communities from multi-beam data. Porcupine Natural History Society, Cardiff, March 2003.
  • Urgeles R., Locat J., Schmitt T., Hughes Clarke J. (2002). The July 1996 flood deposit in the Saguenay Fjord, Quebec, Canada: implication of sources for spatial and temporal backscatter variation. Marine Geology, Vol. 184, pp. 41-60.
  • Schmitt T., Mitchell N.C., Ramsay A.T.S. (2002). Formation and maintenance of tidal sandbanks connected to headlands. BSRG, Norwich, UK, December 2002.
  • Schmitt T., Mitchell N.C., Ramsay A.T.S. and Burgess P. (2002). Morphology and origin of tidal sandbanks connected to headlands: a high multibeam survey of the Helwick Sandbank off the Gower Peninsula, South Wales. Coastal and Shelf Sediment Transport, Geological Society, London, November 2002.
  • Schmitt T. (2002).Mapping sediment mobility over sandbanks. IAHR Student Chapter, Cardiff, March 2002.
  • Schmitt T. (2001). Caractéristiques acoustiques et évolution des sédiments superficiels de la couche de 1996 dans la Baie des Ha! Ha! et le Bras Nord, fjord du Saguenay, Québec. Unpublished M.Sc. Thesis, Département de géologie et de génie géologique, Université Laval.
  • Schmitt, T., Locat, J., Kammerer, E., Hughes Clarke J.E., Hill P., Long B. (2000). Analysis of the evolution of the reflectivity of sediments settled during the 1996 flood in the Saguenay Fjord, using the SIMRAD EM1000 multibeam sonar. In Proceeding of the Hydrographic Conference of Canada, Montreal, May 2000.
  • Locat J., Urgeles R., Schmitt T., et al., (2000). The morphological signature of natural disasters in the Upper Saguenay Fjord area, Quebec. In Proceeding of the Canadian Conference of Geotechnics, Montreal, October 2000.