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Norm R. Catto

Department Head, Geography
Memorial University of Newfoundland
St. John's, NL
A1B 3X9

Office: SN 2012A
Tel: (709) 864-7417
Fax: (709) 864-3119

E mail: ncatto[at]

Teaching Web site:

Professor of Geography, Memorial University, St. John's, Newfoundland, Canada; BSc Queen's University (1978); MSc University of Alberta (1981); PhD University of Alberta (1986).

After postdoctoral research at the University of Stockholm, and lecturing at the University of Alberta, I joined Memorial University in 1989. My research interests include coastal geomorphology, sedimentology, Quaternary sea level change, and the impacts of climate change; fluvial geomorphology, sedimentology, and flood risk assessment; aeolian geomorphology, sedimentology, and anthropogenic stresses on dune systems; glacial geomorphology; Quaternary chronology; and the genesis and chronology of loess-palaeosol systems.

My research has included projects and investigations in Scandinavia, Estonia, Russia, the Dominican Republic, Argentina, New Mexico, and throughout Canada. I have been the editor-in-chief of "Quaternary International" since 1999, and previously was Associate Editor from the foundation of the journal in 1989. I serve on the editorial boards of "Quaternary Science Reviews" and "Episodes".

I am a member of the steering committees for the Canadian Climate Change Impacts and Adaptations Research Network (C-CIARN) node dealing with Atlantic Canadian issues, chair the C-CIARN node dealing with Coastal Issues, and also serve on the steering committee of the Ocean Management Research Network's 'Sustainability' node.

Teaching Interests

  • Quaternary studies
  • geomorphology
  • coastal, aeolian, glacial, fluvial, and periglacial features
  • natural hazards
  • climate change and variation, impacts and adaptations
  • geographic education

Research Interests

  • Investigation of glacial, marine, fluvial, aeolian, and mass movement sediments and landforms, NL
  • Coastal Management Issues, Newfoundland.
  • Quaternary Geomorphology and Sedimentology, lower Churchill River basin, Labrador.
  • Flood sensitivity of Newfoundland communities
  • Impacts of Climate change on transportation, southwest Newfoundland
  • Impacts of Climate Change & Variation, and extreme weather events on Provincial Parks, NL
  • Beach litter dynamics, Avalon Peninsula
  • Oil spill sensitivity of beaches, Avalon Peninsula
  • Investigation of Climate Change Impacts on Health, NL
  • Gypsum karst development, Codroy Valley, Newfoundland
  • Assessment of the capacity of the emergency response and public health systems in Port-aux-Basques to cope with and adapt to extreme weather events exacerbated by a changing climate
  • Frost features and related soil development, eastern Newfoundland.
  • Geomorphic factors affecting salmonid and eel migration and habitats, NL
  • Investigation of Waterford urban river system, St. John’s, Newfoundland
  • Investigation of aeolian, glacial and marine sediments, Prince Edward Island.
  • Habitat remediation in estuarine environments, PEI
  • Investigation of coastal erosion, storm surge impacts, and natural hazards, Arctic Canada
  • Investigation of community perception and response to climate change and natural hazards, Arctic Canada
  • Investigation of aeolian landforms, NS, SK, Alberta
  • Investigation of Governance Issues surrounding Emergency Management Response in Municipalities, MCRI Project.
  • Glacial deposits and landforms, and coastal management issues, western Norway.
  • Loess, palaeosols, periglacial features, and aeolian sedimentology, Altai Autonomous Republic, Tambov and Volgograd Oblasts, and Sea of Azov region, Russian Federation.
  • Parabolic dune sedimentology, chronology, and climatic significance, Oka River Basin, Russia.
  • Investigation of palaeosols and frost-related features, South Korea.

Selected Publications

  • 2009 Catto, NR, Yim, W. W.-S., Antonioli, F., Yokoyama, Y. Continental shelves, including contributions from the 17th INQUA Congress, Cairns. Quaternary International, 206.
  • 2009 Markovic, S., Hambach, U., Catto, NR, Jovanovic, M., Buggle, B., Machallet, B., Zoller, L., Glaser, B., Frechen, M. Middle and Late Pleistocene loess sequences at Batajnica, Vojvodina, Serbia. Quaternary International 198, 255-266.
  • 2009 Prokopenko, A., Catto, N.R. Lake Hovsgol basin: a new study site for long continental paleoclimate records in continental interior Asia. Quaternary International, 205
  • 2009 Ravazzi, C., Orombelli, G., Donegana, M., Cremaschi, M., Catto, N.R. Quaternary Research in the Southern Alps of Italy. Quaternary International, 204.
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  • 2008 Yim, W. W-S., Catto, N.R., Chivas, A., Pillans, B. Subaerially exposed continental shelves: Contributions from INQUA Project 0419. Quaternary International, 183.
    2008 Mironov A.G., Catto, N.R., Erbajeva, M.A. Quaternary of Baikalia: Stratigraphy, Paleontology, and Paleoenvironments of the Pliocene-Pleistocene of Transbaikalia, and Interregional Correlations. Quaternary International, 179.
    2008 Hyndman, D., Hyndman, D., Catto, NR. Natural Hazards and Disasters. Nelson.
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  • Catto, N.R. (in press) Natural Hazard and Vulnerability Assessment in Atlantic Canada: Review, Progress, and Challenges. McGill-Queen’s University Press.
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