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Kelly Vodden

Grenfell Campus
Memorial University of Newfoundland
Corner Brook, NL
A2H 6P9

Office: FC 2024
Tel: (709) 746-8607

E mail:

HBA, University of Western Ontario, MA, PhD Simon Fraser University.

Teaching Interests

  • Economic geography
  • Community, regional and resource development


Research Interests

  • Sustainable rural, community and regional development
  • Community involvement in resource management
  • Local and regional governance
  • Community adaptation
  • Complex adaptive social-ecological systems

Current Research Projects

PhD Students

  • Ryan Gibson - Instigating Conditions for Emergent Forms of Rural Regional Governance: Implications for Policy and Community Development Practice
  • Michelle Porter (co-supervised with M. Blaser) - Rural Resilience and Community Development: Re-Creating Community in Times of Transition

MA Students

  • Jen Daniels (co-supervised with C. Mather): Understanding Connections Between Mi'kmaq Territory, Identity and Place-based Resource Governance in Newfoundland
  • Bojan Furst – Perceptions, policy and the future of small island communities: The case of Croatia and Newfoundland and Labrador
  • Ekaterina Lysenko - Labour Market Development in Newfoundland and Labrador: Regional Challenges and Active Solutions
  • Raiza Mirza - Title to be determined
  • Nicole Renaud - Mapping a History of Water Security in the Peruvian Highlands: a case study of Mullak'as-Misminay, Peru

Selected Publications

McLeman, R., M. Brklacich, M. Woodrow, K. Vodden, P. Gallaugher and R. Sander-Regier. 2011. Opportunities and barriers for adaptation in Canadian rural and resource-based communities. In J. Ford & L. Berrang-Ford (Eds.), Climate Change Adaptation in Developed Nations: From theory to practice (Chapter 33). New York: Springer.

Lysenko, E. and K. Vodden. 2010. Applicability of the Local Labour Market Development Approach in Newfoundland and Labrador: A Case Study of the Avalon Gateway Region (Economic Zone 18). Report prepared for the Project Steering Committee and Rural Secretariat - Executive Council.

Vodden, K. Heroes, Hope and Resource Development. 2009. In G. Halseth, S. Markey and D. Bruce (Eds.), The Next Rural Economies: Constructing Rural Place in a Global Economy (Chapter 17, pp. 223-238). Oxfordshire, UK: CABI, International.

Vodden, K. 2009. “Experiments in Collaborative Governance on Canada’s Coasts: Challenges and Opportunities in Governance Capacity”. In L. Felt, R. Greenwood and G. Baldacchino. Remote Control: Lessons in Governance from Small Places, Institute of Social and Economic Research.

Vodden, K. and K. Bannister. 2008. “Circularising Knowledge Flows: Institutional Structures, Policies and Practices for Community-University Partnerships”. In J. Lutz and B. Neis (eds), Making and Moving Knowledge: Interdisciplinary and Community-based Research for a World on the Edge, McGill-Queen’s Press, Chapter 14.

Vodden, K., K. Bannister, T. Hollis, B. McLaren, R. Ommer, C. Roach and S. Tomblin. 2007. "New Options for Governance II: The Land and Sea/Land Interface". In Rosemary E. Ommer with the Coasts Under Stress Team, Coasts Under Stress, Restructuring and Social-Ecological Health, McGill-Queens University Press, Chapter 15, 60% (see footnote 1), pp. 405-430.

Vodden, K., R. Ommer and D. Schneider. 2006. “A Comparative analysis of three modes of collaborative learning in fisheries governance: Hierarchy, Networks, and Community”. In T. Gray (ed), Participation in Fisheries Governance, Dordrecht, The Netherlands: Springer.

Vodden, K. and J. Kennedy. 2006. “From Resignation to Renewal: First Nations Strategies for Resilience”. In Sinclair, P. and R. Ommer (eds.) Power, Agency and Environment: Restructuring Canada’s East and West Coasts, ISER Books.

Vodden, K. 2006. Summary Report: Adapting to Uncertain Futures Workshop.

Vodden, K. 2006. Adapting to Uncertain Futures: Alert Bay Community Background Report.

Ng’ang’a, S., M. Hutchison, K. Vodden, J. Pepper, M. Berry, S. Nichols, M. Sutherland, R. White and B. Nkwae. 2005. A Handbook on Issues Surrounding Linking Science and Local Knowledge in Coastal Areas: Canadian Case Studies. Prepared for the Department of Fisheries and Oceans Canada.

Vodden, K. 2005. Regional Approaches to Governance in Economic Development and Municipal Government. A Dialogue on Social Innovation. Harris Centre Memorial Presents Lecture Series. Oct. 2005, St. John’s, NL:

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Sutherland, M., S. Nichols, S. Ng’ang’a, M. Hutchison, B. Nkwae, K. Vodden, S. Dickie, R. White, M. Berry and J. Pepper. 2004. Traditional Adaptation Strategies to Sea Level Rise: Canadian Case Studies. Prepared for Fisheries and Oceans Canada.

Vodden, K., J. Pierce and D. House. 2004. "Offshore Oil and Gas and the Quest for Sustainable Development: A Rural Development Perspective". In Ramsey, D. and C. Bryant (eds.) The Structure and Dynamics of Rural Territories: Geographical Perspectives. Brandon University.

Vodden K. and B. Kuecks. 2003. The Clayoquot Green Economic Opportunities Project: Taking Steps Towards a Conservation Economy. Prepared for Friends of Clayoquot Sound, Ahousaht First Nation and Clayoquot Biosphere Trust.

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