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Kristen Lowitt

Kristen LowittOffice: SN 1041
Tel: (709) 864-8194
Fax: (709) 864-3119

E mail: klowitt[at]

Kristen is a doctoral candidate in Interdisciplinary Studies at Memorial University.  Kristen's research interests include sustainable and local food systems, community food security, and rural and coastal food environments.  Her PhD research looks at  the implications of fisheries restructuring for the food security of communities in the Bonne Bay region on Newfoundland's west coast.  She has also done research in the area of food and tourism.  Her research is taking place through the Community University Research for Recovery Alliance, an interdisciplinary research team concerned with the recovery of fisheries and fishery communities.  

Selected publications

  • Lowitt, K. (Forthcoming 2013). Examining fisheries contributions to community food security: Findings from a household seafood consumption survey on the west coast of Newfoundland. Journal of Hunger and Environmental Nutrition.
  • Lowitt, K. (2012). The reinvention and performance of traditional Newfoundland foodways in culinary tourism in the Bonne Bay region. Newfoundland and Labrador Studies 27(1).
  • Lowitt, K. (2010). Exploring connections among people, places, and food in three Nova Scotia farmers’ markets. Cuizine 2(3).
  • Lowitt, K. (2011). Fish and fisheries in the evolution of Newfoundland foodways. In Chuenpagdee, R., (Ed.), World small-scale fisheries: Contemporary visions (pp.117-131). The Netherlands: Eburon Academic Publishers.