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Evan Edinger Selected Publications

Selected Publications

Gilkinson, K, Edinger, E, eds, 2009. The ecology of deep-sea corals of Newfoundland and Labrador waters: biogeography, life history, biogeochemistry, and relation to fishes. Canadian Technical Report in Fisheries and Aquatic Sciences 2830, 136 p.

Copper, P, Edinger, EN, 2009. Distribution, geometry, and palaeogeography of the Frasnian (Late Devonian) reef complexes of Banks Island, NWT, western arctic, Canada. in: Konigshof, P, ed, Devonian Change, Geological Society of London Special Publications 314: 107-122.

Sherwood, OA, Edinger, EN, 2009. Ages and growth rates of some deep-sea gorgonian and antipatharian corals of Newfoundland and Labrador. Canadian Journal of Fisheries and Aquatic Sciences 66: 142-152.

Wroblewski, JS, Bell, TJ, Cahill, F, Copeland, AI, Edinger, EN, Melindy, SD, Saxby, JD, Schneider, DC, Simms, JM, 2009. Toward a sustainable Icelandic scallop fishery in Gilbert Bay, a marine protected area in the eastern Canada coastal zone. Journal of Cleaner Production 17: 424-430.

Azmy, K, Edinger, EN, Lundberg, J, Diegor, W, 2009. Sea level and paleotemperature records from a mid-Holocene fossil reef on the north coast of Java, Indonesia. International Journal of Earth Sciences. DOI 10.1007//s00531-00800383-3.

Sherwood, OA, Edinger EN, Guilderson, TP, Ghaleb, B, Risk, MJ, Scott, DB, 2008. Late Holocene radiocarbon variability in Northwest Atlantic slope waters. EArth and Planetary Science Letters 275: 146-153.

Edinger, E.N., Azmy, K., Diegor, W., Siregar, P.R., 2008. Heavy metal contamination from gold mining recorded in Porites lobata skeletons, Buyat-Ratototok district, North Sulawesi, Indonesia. Marine Pollution Bulletin 56: 1553-1569.

Sherwood, O.A., Jamieson, R.E., Edinger, E.N., Wareham, V.E., 2008. Stable C and N isotopic composition of cold-water corals from the Newfoundland and Labrador continental slope: Examination of trophic, depth and spatial effects. Deep Sea Research I: 1392-1402.

Edinger, E.N. 2008. Environmental impacts of nickel mining: four case studies, three continents, and two centuries. Pages 103-124, in: D. Leadbeater, ed., Mining Town Crisis: Globalization, Labour, and Resistance in Sudbury, Fernwood Books, Halifax.

Edinger, E.N., Wareham, V.E., Haedrich, R.L., 2007. Patterns of groundfish diversity and abundance in relation to deep-sea coral distributions in Newfoundland and Labrador waters. Bulletin of Marine Science 81 S1: 101-122

Wareham, V.E., Edinger, E.N., 2007. Distribution of Deep-sea Coral in the Newfoundland and Labrador Region, Northwest Atlantic Ocean. Bulletin of Marine Science 81 S1: 289-312.

Edinger, E., Baker, K., Devillers, R., Wareham, V., 2007. Coldwater corals in Newfoundland and Labrador waters: distribution and fisheries impacts. WWF-Canada, 41 p. plus enclosed map CD.

Edinger, E.N., Burr, G.S., Pandolfi, J.M. Ortiz, J.C., 2007. Age accuracy of Quaternary corals used as proxies for sea level. Earth and Planetary Science Letters 253: 37-49.

Blackwood, G.M., Edinger, E.N., 2007. Mineralogy and heavy metal speciation patterns of shallow marine sediments affected by submarine tailings disposal and artisanal gold mining, Buyat-Ratototok district, North Sulawesi, Indonesia. Environmental Geology 52: 803-818.

Edinger, E.N., Siregar, P.R., Blackwood, G.M., 2007. Heavy metal concentrations in shallow marine sediments affected by submarine tailings disposal and artisanal gold mining, Buyat-Ratototok district, North Sulawesi, Indonesia. Environmental Geology 52: 701-714.

Copeland, A., Bell, T., Edinger, E., 2007. Benthic habitat mapping in Newman Sound, Terra Nova National Park, Newfoundland. Marine Habitat Mapping Group report 07-01, Memorial University of Newfoundland, 167 p.

Copeland, A., Edinger, E., Bell, T., Devillers, R., Hu, L., Wroblewski, J., 2007. Habitat mapping in Gilbert Bay, Labrador - a Marine Protected Area: Phase II final report. Marine Habitat Mapping Group report 07-02. Memorial University of Newfoundland, St. John's, 108 p.

Pandolfi, J.M., Tudhope, A., Burr, G., Chappell, J., Edinger, E., Frey, M., Steneck, R., Sharma, C., Yeates, A., Jennions, M., Lescinsky, L., 2006. Mass mortality following disturbance in Holocene coral reefs from Papua New Guinea. Geology 34(11): 949-952.

Edinger, E.N., Copper, P. 2005. Stratigraphy and paleoecology of Late Devonian Mercy Bay reef tract, Banks Island, NWT. Abstract, North American Paleontology Conference, Halifax, Nova Scotia.

Glynn, T.A., Edinger, E.N., Yusuf, Y. 2005. Environmental and health impacts of a laterite nickel mine and smelter in Indonesia. Abstract, Geological Association of Canada annual meeting, Halifax, Nova Scotia.

Estrada Alvarez, L.M., Edinger, E.N., Pandolfi, J.M. 2004. Taphonomy of modern corals from Madang Lagoon Papua New Guinea. In Best, M.M.R., and Caron, J.-B. 2004. eds. Canadian Paleontology Conference Proceedings No. 2, GAC publications, p.23-28.

Tapanila, L.M., Copper, P., Edinger, E.N. 2004. Environmental and substrate control on Paleozoic bioerosion in corals and stromatoporoids, Anticosti Island, eastern Canada. Palaios 19(3): 292-306.

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Edinger, E.N., and D.R. Browne. 2000. Continental seas of western Indonesia, in Shepard, C., ed., Seas at the Millenium: an environmental evalution, Pergamon, 2: 381-404.

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Edinger, E.N., J. Kolasa and M.J. Risk. 2000. Variation in within-site coral species diversity on coral reefs in three regions of Indonesia. Diversity and Distributions, 6: 113-127.

Edinger E.N., G.V. Limmon, J. Jompa, W. Widjatmoko, J. M. Heikoop and M.J. Risk. 2000. Normal coral growth rates on dying reefs: are coral growth rates good indicators of reef health? Marine Pollution Bulletin, 40: 404-425.