Vincent Lecours recipient of the 2014 ESRI Canada GIS Scholarship Award
From Left: Dr Rodolphe Devillers, Vincent Lecours, Dr Charles Mather

The ESRI Canada GIS Scholarship recognizes exceptional students that work in Canadian institutions known for having a strong multidisciplinary focus on geographic information systems (GIS). The scholarship consists of a one-time payment to the student, a comprehensive package of the latest ESRI desktop software, several educational workbooks and access to ESRI’s Virtual Campus. Vincent Lecours is currently completing a PhD degree in the Marine Geomatics Laboratory under the co-supervision of Drs Rodolphe Devillers and Evan Edinger. His PhD is on the role of scale of analysis on our understanding of cold-water coral ecology in Canada.

Pictured from left: Dr Rodolphe Devillers, Vincent Lecours, Dr Charles Mather

Feb 18th, 2014

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