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Graduate spotlight on: Randal Greene
J. Thorburn
Randal Greene

One of Geography’s more recent students, Randal Greene graduated with an MSc with a focus on Geographic Information Systems (GIS) in 2011. He is now back in the department, working part-time on Dr. Ratana Chuenpagdee’s Too Big to Ignore project as a GIS analyst and software developer, while also consulting for organizations such as the Nature Conservatory of Canada, Islands Trust, the Northeast Avalon Atlantic Coastal Action Plan and the Canadian Boreal Forest Agreement.  

Randal’s graduate research involved the application of multi-criteria decision-analysis (MCDA) to land management, a project that enabled him to draw upon his background in software development and marine navigation systems. This research involved a case study in the Humber region of Western Newfoundland and kick-started Randal’s work in GIS-based conservation planning.  He now focuses on delivering desktop and web-based GIS for systematic conservation planning, international fisheries profiling, park and trail mapping, and other spatial applications.

His background in Geography has proven useful well beyond the initial skill set it provided. “The integrative nature of my geography education helps me get up to speed quickly in a diverse range of fields,” noted Randal. “For instance, some of my projects are based primarily on qualitative research where as others employ quantitative modeling.”

Published: Sep 19, 2013

Sep 9th, 2014

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