Long-range climate projections to assist climate adaptation in the province

Aug 4th, 2013

Geography Department

Mean temperature change, winter
Long-range climate projections to assist climate adaptation in the province

The Province of Newfoundland & Labrador has released a summary of climate projections for the province, prepared by the Department of Geography’s Dr. Joel Finnis.  The report details changes in a variety of climate variables related to economic activity, engineering concerns, and weather hazards.  Results were derived from a suite of regional climate model projections, and presented with reference to observations collected at climate stations to provide context.  The study was motivated by a growing recognition that historical data no longer provides a sufficient description of the current climate, and that anticipating climate impacts will have substantial economic benefits. Environment Minister Tom Hedderson stated that impact of the study could measure “in the billions as we go forward into the century”.  Results are being distributed free of charge through the Provincial Government’s Turn Back the Tide website (here), and will soon be released as a GIS database to facilitate access and application. 





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