Caribbean coral reef decline on CBC Radio
J. Thorburn
Dead and toppled Acropora palmata coral skeleton, 5 m depth, Tobacco 

Reef, Belize Barrier Reef.  Photo by Evan Edinger.

This past weekend, Dr. Evan Edinger was a guest on Quirks and Quarks, CBC Radio's award-winning radio science program hosted by  Bob McDonald. He was there to discuss the decline of Caribbean coral reefs, a research project he has been involved with for several years. The study revealed that many Caribbean coral reefs have either stopped growing or are on the threshold of starting to erode. The researchers attribute this decline to a variety of factors, which Evan describes in his interview.

Click here to hear his interview on the Quirks and Quarks page.

You can also learn more about this study here.

Feb 11th, 2013

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