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Graduate spotlight on: Kelley Power
J. Thorburn
Kelley Power

Kelley Power completed her BSc (Hons) in Geography in October 2000 and is now the Communications Advisor for Aurora Energy Ltd., a uranium exploration and development company that is active in the Central Mineral Belt of Labrador. “My position sees me involved in planning, coordinating, and implementing a variety of the company’s public relations/engagement activities, working in conjunction with other project team members,” explained Kelley. “Such activities include community outreach, youth engagement, media relations, and collaboration with industry partners.”

Kelley initially came to Geography as an experiment. “I enrolled in Memorial unsure about which course of study I would take,” she said. “As I experimented with different subjects through first year courses, Geography caught my attention due to its interdisciplinary nature – a crossroads of subjects and an intersection of arts and science, all underpinned by spatial relationships.” Kelley went on to complete an Honours thesis on the dynamics of ice sheet retreat in Atlantic Canada, as assessed through a synthesis of relative sea level change data from the region.

Kelley’s background in Geography has been instrumental in her professional success. “Resource development projects are complex, incorporating social, environmental, political, technical, and economic elements. A project proponent must be effective in communicating this range of elements to all stakeholder groups, from the technical audiences who assess the financial and scientific aspects of the project, to the community member who must decide whether he/she is comfortable with the costs and benefits of a given undertaking.” She stated, “In this context, Geography, with its interdisciplinary nature, has helped me explore and understand the interconnectedness between the facets of our project, enabling me to more accurately represent them in public communications.” Furthermore, Kelley noted, “Having a science-based undergraduate research background has provided a platform for understanding the technical aspects of our project, improving my ability to distill these concepts into language accessible to laypeople.” 

Published: Jan 30, 2013

Oct 10th, 2014

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