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Graduate spotlight on: Amy Tucker
J. Thorburn
Amy Tucker

Amy Tucker graduated with a Master of Arts in Geography last year but you can still find her on campus in her current position as a Knowledge Mobilization Coordinator at the Leslie Harris Centre for Regional Policy and Development.

Amy's main job is to connect Memorial University with the rest of the province. She helps discover project ideas from outside of the university and matches those opportunities with people at the university, creating practical projects that can help shape public policy and support regional development. She also organizes events that bring Memorial's expertise into different regions, allowing faculty, students, and staff to make connections with community members to learn about their project needs and ideas.

In addition to her M.A., Amy holds a Bachelor of Arts from the department, as well as diplomas in Heritage Resources and Integrated Coastal and Ocean Management. Amy says, “This position requires me to be a generalist, rather than a specialist,” and finds her Geography background quite helpful in this regard.

Amy credits her Geography degrees for her “broad understanding of different research areas in the social and natural sciences, as well as the ability to learn and understand new ideas quickly.” She also noted that her graduate studies “made me a more rounded person.”


Nov 1st, 2012

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