Upcoming Blue Box seminar

Oct 29th, 2012

J. Thorburn

Andrew Song
Upcoming Blue Box seminar

This week's Blue Box seminar is by Andrew Song, a PhD candidate in the department. He will be discussing his ongoing research in a presentation entitled "Values, images, and principles: what they represent and how they may improve natural resource governance" on Friday, November 2 at 3:00 p.m. in SN-2025. His abstract is below:

Governance of natural resources is nothing but straightforward. Take fisheries, for example. Challenges concerning stock depletion, rural livelihoods, and food provision persist at the global and local level. There are also various ways that people use and organize around fisheries resources reflecting the diverse environmental and cultural contexts, whichresult in complex and competing stakeholder interactions that are often difficult to resolve. This presentation, based on an ongoing doctoral research inspired by the interactive governance perspective, emphasizes the need to be explicit about the underlying beliefs that give rise to these interactions and the roles they play in motivating governance decisions. What are the values, images, and principles that stakeholders hold about fish, fishery, or fishing life? Do the differences or similarities between groups matter? How can we begin to understand them in a way that informs governance efforts and helps relieve complexity? I explore these questions using an example of coastal fishery in South Korea.



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