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Commmunity-based Observation Program



During the Labrador Climate Change Conference held in North West River in March 2008 there was broad agreement that community observations of changing resources (plants, wildlife, fish), land and water (sea level, tides, rivers) or climate (unusual weather) should be collected and made accessible to the public.

This year the Labrador Highlands Research Group (Memorial University) is starting a community-based monitoring program to collect information on how Labrador’s land and environments are changing. This program provides an opportunity for local people to report their personal observations on climate change, and its effects on the Land (plants, wildlife, fish, sea-level, tides, rivers, insects, sea-ice…).


1) Monitor biological, physical, social and cultural effects of climate change in Labrador.
2) Establish a network to collect, store local observations
3) Link science, traditional knowledge and local information to decision-making.


There will be soon available on our webpage an observaion form on which you will be able to report your observations.

For more information contact John Jacobs at