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Harlow Campus Programs

Type of program: International; courses may be used as part of a major.
Number of credit hours: Variable, depending on the program chosen.
General information: Office of the Dean, Faculty of Arts
Information about geography course offerings: Dr. C. Sharpe, Department of Geography.

The Department participates in the offering of two different integrated, multi-course programs in Harlow, the first in English Landscape and Literature and the second on the English Cultural Landscape. These programs are offered alternately, every two to three years.

Guided Tours of Harlow

English Landscape and Literature

Dr. Michael Staveley of Geography and Dr. Annette Staveley of the Department of English Language and Literature teach the English Landscape and Literature program, which considers the interrelationships between the literature and the landscape of England.
Selected works of authors such as Virginia Woolf, the Brontës, Gaskell, Austen, Hardy and Lawrence are systematically studied against the background of the landscape of their creation.
At the same time the evolving landscapes of England are examined as an expression of the developing social, economic and cultural systems. A key element of the program is field visits to a variety of sites relevant to the integrated study of landscape and literature.

The English Cultural Landscape

The English Cultural Landscape Programme is offered by Chris Sharpe of Geography and Jerry Pocius of Folklore. This programme examines some of the ways in which English culture has been reflected in the cultural landscape, from the time of the Romans into the 21st century. More specifically it examines the evolving structure of English towns; architecture (both ‘polite’ and vernacular); and some of the ordinary objects, including furniture and art, which are typical of English life.
Field trips are the central component of the programme. At least a dozen day-long trips are offered during the six-week stay in Harlow to give students the opportunity of examining firsthand the ways in which culture, artifacts and landscape are inter-related.