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Graduate Theses


Trindade, Mariana, 2008. On the Spatio-temporal Radial Growth Response of Four Alpine Treeline Species to Climate Across Central Labrador, Canada. phD Supervisor: T. Bell (J. Jacobs, Laroque hermanutz).

Straatman, Bastian, 2007. Innovation and Evolution in an Artificial Spatial Economy. phD, Supervisor: R.White

Noble, Bram, 2002. Towards a Structured Approach to Strategic Environmental Assessment: a Case Study of Canadian Energy Policy Alternatives. PhD, Supervisor: K. Storey.

Batterson, Martin, 1998. Quaternary History, Palaeo-Geography and Sedimentology of the Humber River Basin and Adjacent Areas. PhD, Supervisor: N. Catto.

MA and MSc

Chrystal Phan, 2010. An Assessment of Creative Class Theory: Examining the Location and Lifestyle Preferences of Creative Workers in St. John’s, Newfoundland. MA, Supervisor: Josh Lepawsky.

Loader, Seth, 2007. Spatially Explicit Modelling of Topographic and Climatic Influences on Vegetation Distribution in Labrador's Mealy Mountains. MSc, Supervisor: A. Simms.

Decker, Stephen, 2007. The Human Dimensions of a Proposed Restoration of European Bison in Germany and a Comparison of European Expert and German Public Preferences for Characteristics and Methods of Public Involvement. MA, Supervisor: A. Bath.

Espirito-Santo, Clara, 2007. Human Dimensions in Iberian Wolf Management in Portugal: attitudes and beliefs of interest groups and the public toward a fragmented wolf population. MSc, Supervisor: A. Bath.

Reschny, Jamie, 2007. Mining, Inuit Traditional Activities and Sustainable Development: a study of the effects of winter shiping at the Voisey's Bay Nickel Mine. MA, Supervisor: K. Storey.

Rose-Taylor, Candace, 2007. Acoustic Seabed Classification of Demersal Capelin Spawning Habitat in Coastal Northeast Newfoundland. MSc, Supervisors: T. Bell & J. Anderson.

Majic, Aleksandra (Skrbinsek), 2007. Human Dimensions in Wolf Management in Croatia: understanding public attitudes toward wolves over time and space. MSc, Supervisor: A. Bath.

Hogan, Christopher, 2007. The Influence of Forest Property Rights on Forest Biodiversity and Ecosystem Health in North-Eastern Newfoundland. MA, Supervisor: A. Bath.

Copeland, Alison, 2006. Benthic habitat mapping with multibeam sonar in Newman Sound, Terra Nova National Park, Newfoundland. MSc, Supervisors: T. Bell and E. Edinger.

Marish, Andrea, 2006. Rogen moraine, Avalon Peninsula, Newfoundland. MSc, Supervisor: T. Bell.

Bose, Jennifer, 2005. The Adoption of the Wood Stove as an Agent of Material Culture in Newfoundland: A Historical Geography. MA, Supervisor: M. Staveley

Winkler, Jessica, 2005. Identifying the Conditions Underlying the Success of Community-Based Coastal Resource Management Initiatives Case Study: Atlantic Coastal Action Program (ACAP). MA, Supervisor: A. Bath.

Greenberg, Martha Jennie, 2005. Effects of Forest Disturbance on Water Chemistry in a Forested Ecosystem: Case Study from Terra Nova National Park. MSc, Supervisor: J. Jacobs.

Pittman, Don, 2005. Analysis of Coastal Geomorphological Processes on a Boreal Coarse Clastic Barrier: Long Pond Barachois, Conception Bay, Newfoundland. MSc, Supervisor: N. Catto.

Rillie, Claire, 2005. Striving for the Socially Sustainable Ideal: How Homelessness is Addressed in St. John’s, Newfoundland. MA, Supervisors: C. Sharpe and J. Shawyer.

Smith, Jennifer, 2005. Shifting Sites and Shifting Sands: a record of prehistoric human/landscape interactions from Porcupine Strand, Labrador. MSc, Supervisor: T. Bell.

Whalen, Jennifer, 2005. Using Harvesters Knowledge to Develop an Individual Based Computer Simulation Model of the St. John Bay, Newfoundland Lobster (Homarus americanus) Fishery. MSc, Supervisors: R. White and B. Neis (Sociology).

Hollis, Tim, 2004. Stewardship of local wetlands: Environmental ethic and traditional ecological knowledge in four rural Newfoundland communities. MSc, Supervisor: N. Catto.

Brett, Paul, 2004. SAR Image Classification of First-Year Ice Types, Bay D'Espoir, Newfoundland and Labrador. MSc, Supervisor: É.L. Simms.

Martin, Christian, 2004. Climatology and Historical Snow Cover of the Big Level Plateau, Gros Morne National Park, Newfoundland. MSc, Supervisors: J. Jacobs and C. Banfield.

Russell, Karen, 2004. A Knowledge-Based Spatial Decision Support System (SDSS) for Coastal Zone Oil Spill Response in Anaktalak Bay, Labrador . MSc, Supervisor: A. Simms.

Van-Kesteren, Alfred Rein, 2004. The Significance of Forest Cover, Topographic Position, and some Meteorological Cariables for Throughfall of Rain Under a Balsam Fir Forest in Western Newfoundland. MSc, Supervisors: T. Bell and C. Banfield.

Evans, Nicola, 2003. An Investigation of the Holocene Pollen Record from the Grey Islands, Newfoundland. MSc, Supervisor: T. Bell.

Paone, Laura, 2003. Hazard Sensitivity in Newfoundland Coastal Change: a Case Study of Conception Bay South and Holyrood, Newfoundland. MSc, Supervisor: N. Catto

Buffinga, Anna, 2001. The Influence of Cultural Values and Reasoned Action on Local Attitudes and Beliefs Toward the Management of the Indian Bay Recreational Fishery Project. MA, Supervisor: Supervisor: A. Bath.

Honarvar, Pauline, 2001. A Spatial Approach to Mineral Potential Modelling Using Decision Tree and Logistic Regression Analysis. MSc, A. Simms.

Sveinbjornsdottir, E. Dagny, 2001. Community Economic Development in Newfoundland: A Comparative Study of the Isthmus of Avalon and the Bonavista Headland. MA, K. Storey.

Hendrickson, Cheryl, 2000. The Biogeography of Coltsfoot (Tussilago Farfara L.) in Gros Morne National Park, Newfoundland. MSc, Supervisors: K. Butler and T. Bell

Lundrigan, Heather, 2000. Understanding Recreational Use of the Western Newfuondland Model Forest. MA, Supervisor: Supervisor: A. Bath.

Sheppard, Kevin R., 2000. Stratigraphy and Chronlogy of Deglacial Events at Highlands, Southern St. George’s Bay, Southwest Newfoundland. MSc, Supervisor: T. Bell.

Trahey, John, 2000. Development and Destruction in Downtown St. John’s, the Embodiment of Cultural Values in Architecture: A Case Study. MA, Supervisor: Supervisors: J. Shawyer and C. Sharpe.

Culhane, Michele M., 1999. An Ecosystem Management Approach to Fire Management in Terra Nova National Park. MA, Supervisor: Supervisor: A. Bath.

Puestow, Thomas, 1999. Mapping of Salmon Habitat Parameters Using Digital Airborne Imagery. MSc, Supervisor: É. Simms.

Scott, Sharon, 1999. Quaternary Glaciomarine Events, Springdale - Hall’s Bay Area, North-Central, Newfoundland. MSc, Supervisor: N. Catto

Short, Naomi, 1999. Mapping the Margin of the Barnes Ice Cap Using SAR Imagery. MSc, Supervisor: É. Simms

Bonnell, Stephen J., 1998. The Cumulative Environmental Effects of Proposed Small-Scale Hydroelectric Development in Newfoundland, Canada. MA, Supervisor: Supervisor: K. Storey.

Bull, Peter, 1998. Expectancy Value Theory as a Tool in Resource Analysis and Management: A Study of Motivations of Salmon Anglers on the Salmonier River. MA, Supervisor: Supervisor: A. Bath.

Power, Conrad, 1998. Hierarchical Fuzzy Pattern Matching for the Regional Comparison of Land Use Maps. MSc, Supervisor: A. Simms.

Jones, Pamela, 1998. Offshore Oil Development and Community Impacts: Changes in Attitudes and Perceptions in Communities Affected by Onshore Activities. MA, Supervisor: Supervisor: K. Storey.

Smith, Brent, 1998. Community Economic Development on the Bonavista Headland, Newfoundland: Perception and Practice. MA, Supervisor: Supervisor: K. Storey.

Sommerville, Anne, 1997. The Late Quaternary History of Terra Nova National Park and Vicinity, Northeast Newfoundland. MSc, Supervisors: N. Catto and D. Liverman.

Blackwood, Glenn, 1996. Past and Future Goals and Objectives in the Allocation of the Northern Cod Resource. MA, Supervisor: Supervisor: A. Bath.

Deng, William (Wen-xiong). 1996. An Integrated Forecasting System for the St. John's Census Metropolitan Area, Newfoundland. MA, Supervisor: Supervisor: K. Storey.

Locke, James C., 1996. Socio-economic Impact Assessment Auditing: a Critique Using the Case Study of the Hibernia Offshore Oil Development Project. MA, Supervisor: Supervisor: K. Storey.

Mercer, David J., 1996. An Examination of the Design & Appropriate Depiction of Topographic Information on Instrument Approach Charts. MSc, Supervisor: C. Wood.

Spellacy, Lisa, 1995. Recreational Specialization Among Visitors to Gros Morne National Park. MA, Supervisor: Supervisor: K. Storey.

Munro, Mandy, 1994. The Quaternary History of the Carmanville (NTS 2E/8) Area, Northeast Newfoundland. MSc, Supervisor: N. Catto.

Boger, Rebecca, 1993. The Sedimentology, Morphology and Evolution of Two Gravel Barachoix, Placentia Bay, Newfoundland. MSc, Supervisor: N. Catto.

Chen, Xiao-Hong, 1993. Spatial and Temporal Variability of Inshore Cod Landings in Labrador and Eastern Newfoundland. MA, Supervisor: Supervisor: A. Bath.

Hong Wang, 1993. An Areal Surface Energy Balance. MSc, Supervisor: J. Jacobs.

Parrott, William, 1993. The Military Legacy of the Second World War on the Newfoundland Landscape. MA, Supervisor: Supervisors: C. Sharpe and A. Macpherson.

Ramsey, Douglas, 1993. Land Competition Issues Affecting Agriculture in Newfoundland and Labrador. MSc, Supervisors: K. Storey and A.J. Shawyer.

Ren, Jun, 1993. The Simulation of Urban System Dynamics in Atlantic Canada 1951-1991. MA, Supervisor: Supervisor: R. White.

Koh, Ngiap-Puoy, 1991. Modelling Retail System Dynamics: An Application to the System of Major Retail Centres in the St. John's Metropolitan Area 1960-1980. MA, Supervisor: Supervisor: R. White.

Vardy, Sheila R., 1991. The Deglaciation and Early Postglacial Environmental History of Southcentral Newfoundland: Evidence from the Palynostratigraphy and Geochemical Stratigraphy of Lake Sediments. MSc, Supervisor: J. Macpherson.

Hooper, James, 1990 Late Quaternary Glacial and Sea Level History of the Bernier Bay Area, Northwestern Baffin Island, N.W.T. MSc, Supervisor: R. Rogerson and J. Macpherson.

Meana, Lourdes, 1990. Spatial-Temporal Trends of Fertility Decline in Newfoundland, 1966-1981. MA, Supervisor: Supervisor: W. Allderdice.

Rennie, Hamish G., 1990. North Labrador and the Torngat Co-op: A Soft Systems Analysis of the Response of Coastal Communities to Fisheries Development. MA, Supervisor: Supervisors: A. Macpherson and R. White.

Moulton, Joan, 1989. Terrain Classification Using Landsat Thematic Mapper and Digital Topographic Data in the Burwash Uplands, Southwest Yukon. MSc, Supervisor: S. Franklin

Cummings, Craig E., 1988. Palsas and Other Frost Mounds in the Schefferfield Area: A Thermal and Ecological Examination. MSc, Supervisor: W. Pollard.

Dowsley, Barbara, 1988. The Effect of Climate on the Growth of Salix Species in an Experimental Energy Plantation Environment. MSc, Supervisor: C. Banfield.

Gallagher, Jacqueline, 1988. Glacial Geomorphology and Late Quaternary Chronology of Inner Nachvak Fiord, Northern Labrador. MSc, Supervisor: R. Rogerson.

Baqee, Abu Helal Md Abdul, 1987. A Study of the Migration Field of St. John's, 1921, MA, Supervisor: Supervisor: M. Staveley.

Bell, Trevor J., 1987. Quaternary Geomorphology, Glacial History and Relative Sea Level Change in Nachvak Fiord, Northern Labrador, MSc, Supervisor: R. Rogerson.

Halliday, Sandra M., 1987. Two-Variable Choropleth Maps: An Investigation of Four Alternate Designs. MSc, Supervisor: C. Wood.

Orr, Jeffrey A., 1987. Scottish Merchants in the Newfoundland Trade, 1800-1835: A Colonial Community in Transition. MA, Supervisor: J. Mannion.

Vardy, Robert B., 1987. An Integrated Approach to Resource Development Analysis: A Study of the Fuel Peat Resources of Southeastern Newfoundland. MA, Supervisors: D. Draper and K. Storey.

Dyer, A., 1986. A Palynological Investigation of the Late Quaternary Vegetational History of the Baie Verte Peninsula, North-Central Newfoundland. MSc, Supervisor: J. Macpherson.

Helbert, Sheldon, 1986. Herbicide Behaviour in a Boreal Forest Podzol. MSc, Supervisor: R. Rogerson.

Barkham, Michael, 1985. Sixteenth Century Spanish Basque Shipbuilding: A Case Study of Historical Resource Geography, MA, Supervisor: W.G. Handcock.

Benson, Michael A., 1985. Structural Change in the Inner City Housing Stock of St. John's, Newfoundland: 1980-1982. MA, Supervisor: C. Sharpe.

Brown, Howard C., 1985. The Impact of Modernization on a Traditional Regional System: The Case of Inner Placentia Bay, Newfoundland, 1911-1966. MA, Supervisor: M. Staveley.

Guy, Eugene V., 1985. An Analysis of Multi-Year Ice Distributions Occurring in the Saglek Bank Region of the Labrador Sea During 1979. MSc, Supervisor: C. Banfield.

Sigursveinsson, Sigurdur, 1985. The Utilization of Bogs for Grassland Farming: A Comparative Study of Resource Development in Newfoundland and Iceland. MA, Supervisors: M. Scarlett and K. Storey.

Barnes, Jeffrey L., 1984. The Hydroclimatological Characteristics of Peatland-Dominated Catchment in Southeastern Newfoundland, MSc, Supervisor: R. Rogerson.

Evans, David J. A., 1984. Glacial Geomorphology and Chronology in the Selamuit Range/Nachvak Fiord Area, Torngat Mountains, Labrador.MSc, Supervisor: R. Rogerson.

McCullough, Philippa M., 1984. The Spatial and Temporal Variation of Acidic Precipitation in Newfoundland: From Source to Receptor. MSc, Supervisor: C. Banfield.

Robertson, Alexander W., 1984. Tamarack (Larix Lacirina) as a Biological Indicator of Wind. MSc, Supervisors: R. Mednis and C. Banfield.

Oliver, Elizabeth, 1983. The Rebuilding of the City of St. John's After the Great Fire of 1892: A Study in Urban Morphogenesis. MA, Supervisor: C. Sharpe.

Kodybka, Richard J., 1982. Erosion of Palaeozoic Bedrock in the Terminal Zone of Yoho Glacier, British Columbia. MSc, Supervisor: R. Rogerson.

MacCallum, Ian M., 1981. The Source of Variation in Storm Runoff in the Partially Urbanized Leary's Brook, Basin, St. John's, Newfoundland. MSc, Supervisor: W. H. Yoxall.

MacKinnon, R. A., 1981. The Growth of Commercial Agriculture Around St. John's, 1800-1935: A Study of Local Trade in Response to Urban Demand. MA, Supervisor: J. Mannion.

Mellars, G., 1981. Deglaciation of the Pouch Cove area, Avalon Peninsula, Newfoundland: APalynological Approach. MSc, Supervisor: J. Macpherson.

Stenning, Alison J., 1981. Synoptic Controls on Katabatic Layer Characteristics above a Temperate Alpine-type Glacier - Peyto Glacier, Alberta. MSc, Supervisor: C. Banfield.

Batterson, Martin, 1980. Contemporary Frontal Moraine Formation in the Yoho Valley, British Columbia, MSc, Supervisor: R. Rogerson.

Nurse, Leonard A., 1979. Recent Climatic Fluctuation on a Small Tropical Island: The Case of Barbados, West Indies. MSc, Supervisor: C. Banfield

Eyles, Nicholas, 1977. Medial Moraines as Part of a Glacier Debris System: their Formation and Sedimentology. MSc, Supervisors: R. Rogerson and J. Macpherson.

Dearden, Philip, 1975. The Biogeography of Table Mountain. An Investigation of Plant Community Composition and Distribution on a Serpentine Bedrock. MSc, Supervisor: R. Maher.

Mills, David B., 1975. The Evolution of Folk House Forms in Trinity Bay, Newfoundland. MA, Supervisor: J. Mannion

Naphtali, David C., 1975. An Operational Methodology for Optimising the size and location of schools within an established network: a case study of North Central Newfoundland. MA, Supervisor: H.R. McCutcheon

Remiggi, Frank W., 1975. Persistence of Ethnicity: A Study of Social and Spatial Boundaries on the Eastern Lower North Shore: 1820-1970. MA, Supervisor: J. Mannion

Shrimpton, Mark, 1975. Urban Ecological Differentiation and Patterns of Social Visiting: A Case Study of St. John's, Newfoundland. MA, Supervisor: R. Hayter

Jamieson, E.W., 1974. A Socio-Economic Study of Selected Newfoundland Provincial Camping Parks. MA, Supervisor: W. Summers

Nurse, Lionel L., 1974. Spatial Reorganization and the Barbados Sugar Industry. MA, Supervisor: K. Storey

Cokes, E., 1973. The Spatial Pattern of Log Cutting in Bay D’Espoir 1895-1922. MA, Supervisor: J. Mannion.

Courtney, David S., 1973, The Newfoundland Household Resettlement Programs: A Case Study in Spatial Re-organization and Growth Centre Strategy. MA, Supervisor: M. Micklewright and K. Storey.

Ommer, Rosemary, 1973. Scots Kinship, Migration and Early Settlement in Southwestern Newfoundland. MA, Supervisor: A. Macpherson

Tucker, Christopher M., 1973. The Glacial Geomorphology of West-Central Newfoundland: Halls Bay to the Topsails. MSc, Supervisor: R. Rogerson

Sanger, Chesley, 1973. Technological and Spatial Adaptation in The Newfoundland Seal Fishery During the Nineteenth Century. MA, Supervisor: Supervisor: A. Macpherson

Shortall, David, 1973. Environmental Perception in Two Local Fisheries: A Case Study from Eastern Newfoundland. MA, Supervisor: Supervisor: C. Goodlad & W. Nowak

Girt, John L., 1971. Distance and General Medical Care in Rural Newfoundland. MA, Supervisor: Supervisor: A. Macpherson.

Handcock, W. Gordon, 1970. The Origin and Development of Commission of Government Land Settlements in Newfoundland 1934-69. MA, Supervisor: Supervisor: A. Macpherson.