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GEOG 2302

Welcome to Geography 2302 - Issues in Economic Geography

Students are welcome and encouraged to email material such as relevant news items or recommended readings to the Instructor ( for addition to this site.

Course outline (intersession) 2008


Kates et al (2005)

Yeung (2002)

Walmart community decision-making role play and associated readings. Please read the following short articles before the role play class.

Wal-Mart Role Play Exercise

The Wal-Mart Debate

The Economic Impact of Wal-Mart - Study highlights

The Pink Flamingos Lose Their Fight Against Wal-Mart

Communities that have fought big box retail

New York Times Article on Wal-Mart in Germany and Korea

More articles on Wal-Mart are provided below for those who are interested.

Hun Sen's Bastards

reading: Najam, Runnalls and Halle (2007) pp. 10-35 reading

Kerry Murray labour presentation

The following are additional resources and items related to the course themes for your interest. They are NOT required reading for the course.

Answers to questions from Carolann Pollett, International Trade Officer, Trade and Investment Division, Department of Innovation, Trade and Rural Development, Province of NL

Relevant news items:

Winnipeg commodity exchange sold to the U.S.

Prominent Canadians demand a vote on the SPP

World leaders adopt "Sydney Declaration" on global warming at APEC Summit

Harper on the APEC deal

How to win, in a fight with Big Oil

Green light given for White Rose oil expansion

Economy of Scale: Doing Better Than "Bigger" in Renewable Energy

Extinction Crisis Escalates

Video clips related to the North American auto industry:

Thousands protest auto industry job losses

The auto pact: en route to free trade

Radio clip on Hugo Chavez and the risks of dependence on oil - FYI

Macleans article on the Hebron deal and the Danny Williams/Hugo Chavez comparison

Emergency buyout of securities giant Bear Stearns - concerns about U.S. mortgage crisis and financial system security reach a whole new level - bank valued at $20 billion U.S. in Jan. 2006 sells for $236 million, Monday March 17th

Canada falls into a trade deficit for the first time in nine years in the fourth quarter of 2007, shift in the trade balance expected to stay with us but FDI, particularly in the resource sector, continues

Saipan video link:

AbbyShot Clothiers:

Recommended readings:

Environment and Human Well-being: A Practical Strategy

Recovering Sustainable Development

Deep Economy: The Wealth of Communities and the Durable Future

2007 OECD Report: Competitive cities in the global economy

Leapfrog 101

Summary of the Stern report on the economic impacts of climate change

Sustainable development websites:

Institute for Local Self Reliance

International Council for Local Environmental Initiatives

International Institute for Sustainable Development

Resource Renewal Institute

Sustainable Business

Sustainability indicators and data sources:

Canada's environmental indicators 2007

Human Development Index ranking

Measures of Low Income and Poverty in Canada

Canadian Low Income Cut-off (2005)

GPI Alberta - Income Distribution

GPI Atlantic - Balancing Paid Work, Unpaid Work and Free Time

Gross Interational Happiness Index

Business Vitality Index: State of the City Report

More on Wal-Mart

Other related resources for those who are interested and wish to better prepare for their roles:

Wal-Mart Research

Wal-Mart News

Wal-Mart Student Research Site

Canadian Wal-Town campaign

Wal-Mart Watch

Unionization of Wal-Mart

Quebec unionization attempt leads to store closure

Wal-Mart's 'China Price'

The Ashland, Virginia story

Ashland resident perspectives

Big Box Backlash: The Stealth Campaign at the World Trade Organization to Pre-empt Local Control Over Land Use

PBS - Is Walmart Good for America?

LA Times Report on Wal-Mart


The following are the statistics websites recommended by speaker Bradley Thorne: