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Geography of the Seas

Geography of the Seas - Geography 3510

Geography of the seas introduces geographers to marine science and management issues, including physical geography and marine geology, coastal processes and coastal erosion, marine life, fisheries and fisheries management, marine pollution, and marine conservation.

Not offered in 2009-2010 academic year.

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Midterm exam study guide.

Final exam study guide.

Notices (13 Mar 2009).

Marine Institute Flume Tank field trip Mar. 18 Cancelled - facility unavailable.


Navigation charts.


Book Review.

Regional Seas Poster.


NOTE: Websites due to instructor Weds April 1 for presentation Fri April 3 and Mon April 6.

Sample websites from previous years are available on:

Website presentation schedule.

Student websites:

Antarctic whaling.

Japanese whaling and dolphin hunting.

Newfoundland sealing.

Is bottom trawling a destructive fishing practice?

Marine debris.

Ocean acidification.

Coral bleaching.

Gas hydrates.

Offshore oil industry in NL waters.

Catastrophic oil spills.

Chronic oil pollution.

Marine Ecotourism.

Marine Protected areas - Canada and Australia.

Field trip guides.

Institute for Ocean Technology - 30 Jan.

Marine Institute Flume Tank - 18 Mar. FIELD TRIP CANCELLED.

St. John's Port Authority. FIELD TRIP CANCELLED. Guest lecture Mar 30.

Supplemental readings.

Supplemental readings available as .pdf files are locked with a password distributed to members of the class.

Fuller et al., 2008, How We Fish Matters.

Lecture notes.

Lecture notes are generally available within a week of a lecture being presented. Slides presented in lectures are posted as notes page pdf files available for download. Lecture note files are locked with a password distributed to members of the class.

Introduction and history of marine exploration.

Marine Geology and Geophysics.

Marine Sediments.

Waves, Tides, Currents, and Tsunamis.

Coastal processes and coastal erosion.

Marine Habitats and Food Webs.

Coral Reefs.

Marine Mammals

History of Newfoundland Fisheries (Dr. Fred Winsor)

Fisheries Science & Management

Marine Pollution

Marine Transportation & Port Security (Sheldon Anthony, St. John's Port Authority).

Marine Conservation

NB: Guest lecturer notes not posted to website.