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Geography 2425 - Natural Resources

Course Description and Learning Objectives.

Geography as a discipline includes a strong emphasis on human-environment interactions. These interactions lie at the core of all the environmental science and natural resource management issues we face today.
Natural Resources is an introductory course in environmental science and resource management for Geography students. Student learn basic science underlying important environmental and natural resource management issues affecting the earth today. Major resource management topics covered include food, agricultural land, fresh water, oceans and fisheries, forests, mining and minerals, energy and climate change, and biodiversity conservation. Lecture format.


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Midterm exam study guide.
Final exam study guide.


Ecological Footprint exercise.

Book Review. Due Feb 9, 2010.

Environmental Issues Brief

Environmental Issues Brief. Link to Abstracts and References.

Environmental game design. Link to game advertisements.

Lecture Notes.
Lecture notes are in password-protected .pdf files of the slides presented in class. These files are best viewed in Adobe Acrobat Reader, which is freeware. While posted lecture notes may assist you in studying, they are no substitute for attending class and taking your own notes on the in-class discussion.


Defining Resources

Houston, we have a problem.

Science, Social Science, Environment, and Geography.

Ecological Economics. Assigned reading on reserve - environmental economics.

Ecosystems, Natural Cycles and their Human Modifications.

Population or Consumption? Assigned reading on reserve: Derek Jensen, "Taking shorter showers doesn't cut it".

Food and Agriculture. Agriculture and rural poverty. Agricultural chemicals.

Water - Monitoring - Water and health.

Fisheries Introduction; Marine Pollution.


Mining and Minerals


Climate Change. Canada as threat Column, from the Guardian. Interview with Tim Flannery, CBC Quirks & Quarks.

Biodiversity and its conservation.

Coral Reefs - biodiversity, threats, ecotourism and reefs.

Course Summary.