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Geography Turns 50!


Dr. William Summers


The Geography Department celebrates its 50th anniversary in 2010‐11. We were established as a separate unit in 1960 thanks to a Senate vote.

The first head of the new department was Dr. William Summers who was a graduate of Memorial. Dr. Summers spent the decade after 1960 building the department by hiring new faculty, constructing a new curriculum and later establishing an MA and MSc programme in Geography. His work over this period is clear from changes in Geography’s calendar entries. In the 1960‐61 academic year the department consisted of one faculty member
(Dr. Summers) and 3 courses.

By the time Dr. Summers retired from the Headship of the department in the early 1970's the department had grown to 17 faculty and 55 courses.
The Geography programme offered 4 majors, an honours programme and a number of graduate level courses. A big change in 10 years!

The Geography Department in 2010
has built on the foundation laid by
Dr. Summers. We continue to pride
ourselves on our teaching excellence:
the department has won four
President’s Awards for Distinguished Teaching! At the same time, we now have the reputation for being outstanding researchers and we have established a
vibrant graduate programme with
over 50 students.

In 2009-10 the Geography Department
was responsible for over 50 percent of
the Faculty of Arts’ external research income.

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"The Geographer":April 2010 Click here