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Special Blue Box live-stream: Dr. Steeve Côté to discuss Caribou conservation in Labrador and Quebec


Tune in to watch the Blue Box seminar LIVE on Friday, March 6 at 3pm (Newfoundland time).

Viewers are welcome to to submit comments or questions during the talk and discussion.

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Dr. Lance Morgan, President of the Marine Conservation Institute, to Visit the Geography Department Next Week

Dr. Lance Morgan

Dr. Morgan will participate in a number of activities within the department, the faculty-wide Arts on Oceans program, and a workshop organized by the Marine Institute. His Arts on Oceans talk, “Quest for healthy seas: a lasting future for people and marine life” is part of the Scholarship for the Arts Speaker Series. Dr. Morgan will also speak in the Geography Department’s Blue Box Seminar Series; both events are free and open to the public.

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Mobilizing Research Knowledge in the Digital Age


Victoria Bailey, a MA student supervised by Dr. Charles Mather, is passionate about the “role of radio in research, not only as a means of mobilizing knowledge, but as a way of meaningfully engaging research participants in the process.”

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Our Graduates

Graduate spotlight on: Creighton Connolly, M.A.

Creighton Connolly visits Signal Hill.

Creighton Connolly, Marie Currie Fellow and PhD candidate at the University of Manchester, looks back on his time in the Geography Department.

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