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Terry Courish

Terry Courish (BA)

Industrial Liaison Officer, Genesis Research, Memorial University

Terry completed an arts degree with majors in Geography (Economic) and Community Development Studies.

Terry’s interest has always been related to industrial location and transportation systems, especially in Newfoundland and Labrador (NL). These interests lead Terry to research and involvement in technology development and more specifically cluster development.

Terry’s employment was heavily influenced by his academic choice and an opportunity to work with Dr. Keith Storey on socioeconomic impact analysis with the Department of Regional Economic Expansion. Terry has been drawing on his economic geography background for most of his employment history.

Terry worked with the Government of NL for over 25 years, working in a wide variety of positions, from trade negotiation; program development and implementation; and policy and strategy development.

One of Terry’s last positions, as Manager of Technology Development, at the Department of Industry, Trade and Technology, lead him to his present position with Genesis Research.

Terry’s current position as Industrial Liaison for oil and gas /ocean technologies is to act as an interface role between the university community and the business community. The job is proactive and draws upon knowledge of the industry sectors to promote, explore and broker university/industry research.

Terry’s main advice to those graduating from geography is to be creative in applying your academic background to the jobs and opportunities that arise. Networking on a social and business level are essential.