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Departmental Blue Box Seminar Series

Fridays, 3-4 p.m., SN 2025

Jan. 9

Dr. Josh Lepawsky
Dept. of Geography

The waste out of this world
Jan. 16

Dr. Gavin Bridge
Durham University

Globalising energy security? Emergent geographies of liquefied natural gas
Jan. 23

Dr. Jeremy Kerr
University of Ottawa

Propaganda as policy: Canada's devolving strategy for protecting biodiversity and ecosystems
Jan. 26-Feb. 6 Urban Geography Candidates  TBD
Feb. 13 Sharmane Allen
& Marc Storey
“For sale: one fishing enterprise including boat, gear, license and quota” Mapping the legal and economic lifescapes of NL’s commercial fisheries & The Turning of the Tide: Assessing Coastal Change & the
Vulnerability of Archaeological Resources on the Great Northern Peninsula, Newfoundland
Feb. 20 Victoria Rogers
& Chloe Poitevin
Synergies for stewardship & governance of multipleuse coastal areas: A case study from Koh Chang, Thailand & Creating 'Food Citizens': Developing
tastes for local and sustainable seafood in NL
Feb. 27 Dr. Mark Stoddard
Dept. of Sociology
When does offshore oil development provoke resistance? Environmental movements and the oiltourism interface on Canada’s East Coast
Mar. 6 Dr. Steeve Côté
Université Laval
Population dynamics and the challenges of migratory caribou conservation in northern Québec and Labrador
Mar. 13 Dr. Lance Morgan
President, Marine Conservation Institute
Advancing a new model for marine protected areas - The Global Ocean Refuge System
Mar. 20 Samantha Primmer
& Mirella de Oliveira Leis
 Masters seminars
Mar. 27 Ariel Pollard-
Belsheim & Monica Engel
 Masters seminars
Apr. 2* Nicholas Lymer
& Chris Baird
 Masters seminars


* This talk will take place on a Thursday.

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