Geography at Memorial

Our teaching and research focuses on five major areas: Society, Knowledge, and Values; Climate and Environmental Change; Sustainable Communities and Values; Globalization, Economy, and Resources; and Health and Well-being.

We offer BA and BSc Honours, Major, and Minor programmes. We also offer MA, MSc, and PhD degrees. Geography entertains productive academic and research links with other Departments throughout the Faculties of Humanities and Social Sciences, Science, Medicine, Business, and Engineering.

Our mission statement is to foster a spirit of inquiry about the geography of the world around us through our teaching and research, and to provide our students with the analytical tools needed to explore the questions that arise and the skills with which to communicate their findings.


Geography 2226 will meet at 7:30 am, Tuesday 6 September.

 In-class instructions will be provided in room SN 2025 from 7:30 to 7:40 am

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Fall 2016 Undergraduate and Graduate Courses

A list of undergraduate and graduate courses available in the Fall semester of 2016.

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Spirit of inquiry Who We Are, What We Do: Department of Geography

To be clear, university level geography is not about maps and memorizing place names.

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Geography in the Fall for All!

Thinking of taking a course in Geography, but haven't taken on before?

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