Current Master's Candidates

Current graduate students in Gender Studies are engaged in a broad range of feminist research projects that build on a variety of theoretical and methodological concerns central to Women's Studies. While some are engaged in cultural and media studies, others are taking anthropological, sociological, historical, and literary approaches. Projects are diverse: from resarch into the representation of young mothers, to work on aboriginal women, examinations into AIDS/HIV sexual health education in Africa, and research in the areas of violence against women, polymorphous desire, food security, immigrant religious practices, and autobiographical narratives.

Further details about all current research projects is outlined below.

  • Anyemedu, Akua, BA Ghana - is exploring how Ghanaian women's knowledge and perceptions of domestic violence services, formal and informal, influence their utilisation of these services.
  • Ashick-Stinson, Jillian, BA Laurentian -
  • Bokma, Samantha, BA Laurentian -
  • Clarke, Bridget, BA Acadia -
  • Derraugh, Lesley, BA (Hons) Memorial - is exploring male-identified individual's complex negotiation of masculinities in a culture where violent expressions thereof have become dominant, with an emphasis on campus rape culture.
  • Farahbod, Marissa, BA Tehran, MA King's College, London -- investigation of queer life styles in traditionalist and non-permissive societies.
  • Flint, Barbara, BA York -
  • Francis, Zincia, BA Queen's -- will be interning at the Women's Support Network of York Region, Human Trafficking Program where she will explore the growth and expansion of sex trafficking of women and girls within the York Region, Ontario and the countermeasures taken to recognize and address the issue.
  • Hickey, Gemma, BA Memorial --
  • Lovas, Judit, JD Debrecen -- is examining the corporate social responsibility (CSR) policies of multinational businesses in terms of gender equality including their regulations on diversity issues, women's empowerment, and equal opportunities of both women and men.
  • McQuarrie, Sarah,  BA (Hons) Toronto -- is interested in the politics of queer representation, community, identity and the use of queer theory to destabilize identity categories.
  • Mobley, Erin, BA (Hons) McMaster, BEd Brock -- is exploring the phenomenon of 'safe' space through the experiences of trans-identified youth who have recently attended high school in Ontario.
  • Moddle, Courtney, BA (Hons) Waterloo -
  • Pottie, Emily, BA Memorial -- is exploring feminist evaluation and policy review with a focus on survey development through an internship placement with Second Story Women's Cente in Lunenburgh, Nova Scotia.
  • Quioga, Lorna, BA Buenos Aires -
  • Sanchez Diaz, Gabriela, BMusic Mexico, MMusic Ottawa - is exploring gender differences in movement and their impact on music performances.
  • Sheppard, Amy, BSW St. Thomas -- will be looking at the role of leisure in the lives of women with substance use issues and criminal justice system involvement.
  • Stuart, Alyse, BA StFX, BEd St. Thomas -- exploring gender, Indigineity, and citizenship through the lens of the shale gas protests in Elsipogtog, New Brunswick.
  • Wakeford, Kim, BA (Hons) Nipissing -- is studying the Canadian federal government's understanding of the over-representation of Indigenous women in homicide and disappearance statistics through a critical discourse analysis of government-produced policy documents and reports.
  • White, Zaren, BA(Hons) Memorial, MA McGill - examining transgender identity and embodiment through Canadian transgender performance artist Nina Arsenault's autobiographical one-woman play The Silicone Diaries.