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Welcome to the Department of French and Spanish!

This website is an online student handbook that contains information on all aspects of the department's programmes and activities, and on student life in our department.

We offer undergraduate programmes and courses in French Studies, Spanish Studies, and first-year Italian, including language, culture, literature, and linguistics.

We also offer a graduate programme (Master of Arts) in French Studies and a joint Master's degree with the Faculty of Education for practising teachers of French.

Members of the department are engaged in a wide variety of academic research activities relating to French, Quebec, international Francophone, Spanish and Latin American literature, culture, language, and translation.

Index to French and Spanish webpages.

News and Events

  • Latest information on new courses, the department's staff, the French and Spanish student societies, public lectures and seminars organized by the department, etc. Last updated on June 2nd, 2014.




  • Requirements for the honours, major, minor, and M.A. programmes.
  • Study abroad opportunities offered by the department.
  • One-semester second-year Frecker Programme in the overseas French territory of Saint-Pierre, with academic information as well as details on cost, travel arrangements, accommodation, health care, everyday life in Saint-Pierre, etc. An application form and other documents can be downloaded.
  • Two-semester third-year programme at the Lycée Emmanuel Letournel in Saint-Pierre.
  • Two-semester Canadian Third Year in Nice programme on the French Riviera.
  • Winter Semester at the Université de Bretagne Sud.
  • Spanish summer programme at the University of La Coruña on the northwestern coast of Spain.
  • Exchange programme which offer graduates the opportunity to be employed for an academic year as conversation teacher at Michel Montaigne University in Bordeaux.


Support for students


Faculty and Staff

  • Contact information for all academic and office staff, including regular department members, full-time term appointees, part-time per-course instructors and the Director of the Digital Language Centre.
  • Individual pages for each regular faculty member with information on her or his academic degrees and research interests.


Teaching Opportunities

  • Job postings for non tenure track teaching positions. Postings are updated every semester (in June for Fall teaching, in October for Winter teaching and in February for Spring, Summer and Intersession teaching).

French Major Program - Calendar error

Please be advised that there is an error in the print version (not the online version) of the 2013-2014 university calendar in section 9.12.1, French Major Program. It should read: Between their first registration at Memorial University of Newfoundland and the time of their graduation, all students majoring in French must have spent at least eight weeks at an approved Francophone institution in a French-speaking area or have acquired equivalent work experience in a Francophone environment.

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