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Support for Students in French and Spanish


Students in French and Spanish can take advantage of a number of different kinds of support during their undergraduate and graduate programmes. These include departmental infrastructure (the various facilities such as the Digital Learning Centre, the and the help centre), special programmes like the Frecker programme in Saint-Pierre, scholarships and awards intended specially for students in French and Spanish, active student societies, and the help of departmental advisors for our majors. Student support takes many other forms as well. This page provides basic information about the various kinds of support available, but you should follow the links to the more specialized pages to locate the exact information you need.

Note: Students who are planning to study outside the province should read about opportunities available and some important information about transfer of credit .

If you don't find what you're looking for in our web pages, you should consult one of the following people for assistance:


Contact Information for advisors in French and Spanish
Secretarial staff
Ph. 709-864-7636
Fax 709-864-3594

Provide general information about programmes; maintain files of programme information; arrange appointments to see Head; receive and redirect requests for assistance from students.

Dr. Anne Thareau
Department Head

Ph. 709-864-7636
Fax 709-864-3594

Provides advice about Major and Minor programmes in French and about appropriateness of course selection for students completing programmes in French. Advises on likelihood of transfer credit; evaluates requests for transfer of credit, including requests for re-evaluation; provides assistance, where possible, to students studying (or planning to study) out of the province; deals with requests for waiver of prerequisite and waiver of departmental regulations.

Dr. Messod Salama
Coordinator for Spanish
Ph. 709-864-8598
Fax 709-864-3594
Email at messod
Provides advice about programmes in Spanish, including availability of courses.

Dr. Barbara Thistle
First-Year Coordinator
Ph. 709-864-8565
Fax 709-864-3594
Email at thistleb

Provides advice about all first-year courses in French at Memorial, including course selection for new and returning students and assistance with registration.

Dr. Magessa O'Reilly Undergraduate Advisor
Ph. 709-864-8580
Fax 709-864-3594
Email at moreilly

Provides advice about Major and Minor programmes in French and about appropriateness of course selection for students completing programmes in French.
Study Abroad Co-ordinators

Dr. Anne Pelta (Nice)
Ph. 709-864-8579
Email at aggraham

Dr. Scott Jamieson (Bordeaux lectorship)
Ph. 709-864-8578
Email at scottj

Dr. James MacLean (Bretagne Sud)
Ph. 709-864-8569
Fax 709-864-3594
Email at jmaclean

Provide advice about programmes for study or work in French-speaking countries (Third Year in Nice, Winter Semester at the Université de Bretagne Sud, assistantship and lector programmes, etc.)
Dr. Philippe Basabose
Graduate Officer, French
Ph. 709-864-8574
Fax 709-864-3594
Email at basabose
Provides advice about the M.A. degree in French, and co-ordinates the individual programme of each M.A. student.

Departmental Facilities

Facilities available to students in French and Spanish include a wealth of information housed in the departmental office (including information on programmes elsewhere in Canada and abroad, and application forms for departmental and other programmes); the Digital Learning Centre ; conversation classes given either by advanced students or by our lectrice or assistant; a help centre staffed by advanced students in French; a seminar room housing a collection of books.

Special Programmes for Students in French and Spanish

In addition to the Frecker programme, offered at the Francoforum in Saint-Pierre, the department provides access to some programmes of interest to students in French and Spanish. Please consult the Programmes page for other study abroad programmes in French and Spanish offered through the department. Students wishing to study in Quebec during the summer, fall or winter should consult the departmental office about application forms for the Explore (Summer Language Bursary) Programme (and read about transfer of credit) and Student Assistantship programme. Students who are about to graduate with a major in French should consider applying for the assistantship programme in France, and graduate students are advised to consider a year in Bordeaux as a lectrice (or lecteur) d'anglais.

Scholarships, Prizes and Awards

A number of awards are intended solely or primarily for students in French and Spanish, both during their programmes and at the time of their graduation. Students interested in these awards, which include some specifically intended to support students travelling abroad to study, should read the page describing them

Policies on plagiarism, other forms of academic misconduct, and sexual harassment

Please consult this section of the University Calendar for policies concerning plagiarism and other forms of academic misconduct. Information on university sexual harassment policies may be found on the Sexual Harassment Information Site