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Minor in French


The minor in French is extremely flexible: it requires a total of 24 credit hours (8 semester courses) in French, and must include either 3100 or 3101. Here is the exact wording of the requirements as stated in the Calendar:

A Minor consists of at least 24 credit hours in French and must include French 3100 or 3101.


  1. No more than six transfer credit hours may be used to satisfy the minimum requirement of the Minor.

As for the major programme, you should review the regulations in the Calendar that concern the minor requirement for the degree of Bachelor of Arts, and you must ensure that your overall average in French is at least 60%. If it is less than 60%, you should see the Head to obtain permission to repeat one or more courses in order to improve your standing.

The table below outlines some possible course sequences that might be used to complete a minor in French: many others are possible. As a general rule, you should try to include courses in your minor not only from language acquisition but from textual study and civilisation offerings. Students who are majoring in Linguistics may be particularly interested in including one or more of the 3000-level courses cross-listed with that department (i.e. 3302, 3310, 3311).

Minor in French
Year 1
  Relative Beginner More Advanced Immersion Graduate (AP=5)
Fall 1500 1501 (1502 with permission) 2159
Winter 1501 1502 (2602 or 2900 if 1502 already completed) 2160 (+2602)
Spring 1502  
Year 2
    Main Campus Saint-Pierre  
Fall 2100 (+2300 or 2601 or 2900) 2100, 2101, 2300, 2601, 2900 3100 or 3101 (+ 2300, 2601, 2900)
Winter 2101 (+2602 if desired, or 2601 not taken) 3100 or 3101 As desired
Year 3
Fall 3100 or 3101 As desired to complete minor
Winter As desired to complete minor