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Master of Arts in French

Students who have excellent results in their honours programmes should consider continuing on to the M.A. level. Substantial funding is often available for good students, so the cost of the programme is not so much of an issue as it is with a first degree. A graduate degree shows that you have the ability and drive to succeed at a very high level of achievement, and can help to improve your chances of finding employment at a higher salary or in gaining entry to professional programmes.

Students who are interested in the M.A. should normally first complete an honours or joint honours degree programme; students without an honours degree can be admitted to the programme but are normally required to complete one or more 4000-level courses in French prior to beginning their graduate work in order to complete their first degree. The programme normally takes one to two years to complete, and includes the writing of a thesis, which is a very substantial research paper on an original topic written under the direction of a faculty member and overseen by the departmental Graduate Studies Committee. Once it is complete, the thesis is submitted and formally examined by two readers who may require minor or major revisions before judging it acceptable. If you're interested in seeing the kinds of work that students do as part of the M.A. programme, why not take a moment to browse through the list of M.A. theses written in the department?

Here's how the regulation describing the programme's content is worded in the Calendar:

The programme for a Master of Arts (thesis option) will consist of 12 credit hours in graduate courses, plus research activities and a thesis of approximately eighty pages. The language of the thesis will normally be French. The thesis proposal, after being approved by the supervisor, will be submitted by the candidate normally before the end of the third semester of studies to the Departmental Graduate Studies Committee, who will decide whether or not to grant its approval. A paper drawn from the thesis will be presented within the departmental seminar series, usually at some time between submission of the final draft thesis to the supervisor and the submission of the thesis to the School of Graduate Studies.

Students interested in the M.A. programme in French should consult the Graduate Officer, Dr. Philippe Basabose for further information, or visit the departmental office.