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Opportunities to work in a francophone milieu

Odyssey (Language Assistant in a francophone milieu in Canada). Only about 20 students per year avail of it at the present time. 9 month contract, students receive a salary of $18,500 for 25 hours of work a week – assisting teachers in a francophone school. They also get two return tickets home. Only requirement: to be a Canadian citizen or permanent resident (not based on abilities to speak French).

CIEP - Language Assistant France (300 positions - they are never able to fill up all the positions). You can apply during your second year at University. 9 month contract: 12 hours a week of conversation classes for a salary of 793 euros net a month.

Parliamentary guide programme . $15.93/ hour for 35 hours a week and $1000 for living allowance in Ottawa (assistance with finding accommodations at one of the local universities and partial reimbursement of airfare).

Student Guide programme Veterans Affairs Canada (Beaumont Hamel, Vimy Ridge) for 4 months (40 - 45 positions) Pay Rate : $12.70 Canadian per hour plus a daily living allowance of $24.00 Canadian per day. Successful applicants may be eligible for reimbursement of all or part of their airfare up to $600 . Accommodations in Arras subsidized by Veteran Affairs: 200 euros a month all inclusive.

Bordeaux exchange (2 semesters- 1 student at the M.A level) . Opportunity to work as a lecteur or lectrice supervising English language courses and giving conversation classes at l'Université de Michel de Montaigne-Bordeaux III for a salary of 1500 euros for 12 months. Eligibility: M.A student in French Studies.

Lycée de Saint-Pierre exchange (January-June) (1 student) Same as CIEP but salary is around 1300 euros . Students can also register for courses and receive unspecified credits at the 3000 level.

YCW - Young Canada works (following Explore) – Canadian Heritage. Young Canada Works (YCW) offers students and recent graduates the chance to put their skills to the test, build career equity, earn money for their education or get started on the right career path. Summer jobs and internships give young people access to unique opportunities to learn and work, whether to practice their second language, work in a museum, an Aboriginal friendship centre or even travel abroad. 2,700 summer job opportunities.

Work term in a francophone milieu. (ex: Faculty of Business administration or Commerce). Please contact the department)

France Emploi vacances universitaires (visa 2D). Canada-France Youth Mobility Agreement With this visa, you can work while vacationing in France.

Federal Student Work Experience Programme . FSWEP is the primary vehicle through which federal organizations recruit and hire students. This programme provides thousands of students with temporary jobs every year in various federal organizations across Canada. Effective January 1, 2011.

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Volunteer work, through the Canadian International Development Agency: (Katimavik, Oxfam, Projects Abroad, etc.) or UN