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Faculty and Staff (Winter 2014)

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O'Brien, Ms. Heather
(Administrative Assistant)

7636 SN4023 hobrien
Churchill, Ms. Patricia
(Administative Staff Specialist)
8571 SN4026 ptizzard
French (Regular Faculty)
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Basabose, Dr. Philippe (Graduate Officer) 8574 SN4041 basabose
Bishop, Dr. Neil 4322 SN4047B nbishop
Gamble, Dr. D. R. 8570 SN4036 drguestc
Graham, Dr. Anne,  (Teaching in Nice 2013-2014) 4531 SN4034 anne.g.graham
Harger-Grinling, Dr. Virginia 8567 SN4047C vhargerg
Lemelin, Dr. Jean-Marc 4508 SN3046 lemelin
Macdonald, Dr. Aileen 4566 SN4039 aileen
MacLean, Dr. James  (Co-ordinator, Bretagne Sud Exchange) 8569 SN4033 jmaclean
O'Reilly, Dr. Magessa
(Undergraduate Student Advisor)
8580 SN4029 moreilly

Pelta, Dr. Anne (Co-ordinator, Canadian Third Year in Nice)

8579 SN4032  anne.pelta
Thareau, Dr. Anne (Head & Co-ordinator, Bordeaux Exchange, Department of French and Spanish) 7636 SN4025 athareau
Scheidnes, Dr. Maureen 6206 SN4043 mscheidnes
Director, Frecker Programme, Saint-Pierre
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Jordaan, Ms. Chantal

011-508-41-24-38   cjordaan
Spanish (Regular Faculty)
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Osorio, Dr. Myriam  (on sabbatical leave) 4502 SN4045 mosorio

Salama, Dr. Messod, Spanish Coordinator

8598 SN3048 messod
Per-Course and Teaching-Term Instructors (French, Spanish and Italian)
NamePhoneRoomEmail at
Balsom, Mr. Patrick 8830/3022



Barbour, Mr. Wayne 8597 SN4031


Castagné, Dr. Gérard 4531 SN4034


Fabretto, Ms. Cristina 8830/3022



Frankel-Salama, Ms. Claire 8573 SN3047


Greene, Ms. Marie-Louise 8830/3022 SN2049A


House, Mr. Roger 8597 SN4031

Iturriza, Ms. Gabriela 8573 SN3047

Penney, Ms. Laura 2494 SN4027


Picard, Ms. Stéphane 8566 SN4042


Proulx, Mr. Sylvia 8466 MU2004


Rodriguez, Dr. Maria 8573



Sheppard, Mr. Bruce 8830/3022 SN2049A


Thistle, Dr. Barbara (First-year French Co-ordinator)

8565 SN4028


Wilding, Mr. David

2494 SN4027


Young, Mr. Gary

8597 SN4031


Lectors and Assistant (visiting instructional staff from universities in France)
NamePhoneRoomEmail at
Bouaziz, Mansour 8566 SN4042 m.bouaziz
Picard, Stéphane 8566 SN4042 spicard
Zuchetto, Nicolas 8566 SN4042 nicolas.zuchetto
Digital Learning Centre
NamePhoneRoomEmail at
Thomeier, Dr. Karin (Director) 8585 SN4022B