Our Department

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Our Faculty 

Our Faculty is proud to be part of the talented, diverse Faculty of Arts at Memorial University. We are a small department that boasts an incredibly personalized service and a commitment to a high quality French and Spanish education. Our Faculty offers guidance, instruction and leadership in both undergraduate and graduate French programming as well as undergraduate Spanish programming. 

Our Department

Although our department is small, we are dynamic and resource rich with vast  knowledge of many topics within the French and Spanish academic world.

A Digital Media Centre provides a technologically savvy environment for language skill development right here on campus, free of charge to our students. We have a talented administrative unit devoted to a superior academic experience for all of our students.

Together, our faculty and staff ensures students have the support they need for success in the classroom and beyond. Our programming includes Major and Minor programs in French as well as Honours and Joint Honours programming. Our Spanish students are offered Major and Minor programming. At the graduate level, we offer a Master of Arts (French) and a M. A&M Ed (joined program with the Faculty of Education). 

Our Research

Our research interests cover many different areas of the linguistic and cultural study community: our academic team is passionate about the work they do at Memorial, in our province and around the country. Members of our Faculty regularly attend conferences and workshops around the world to present to peers in the academic community on topics of note. Members of our Faculty are engaged in research focusing on literature in both the French and Spanish communities.

The International Experience

Our on-campus experience prepares students to take their language studies around the world.

We believe in the value of going abroad, living and learning in another language, and are advocates for the role of immersion education in undergraduate language programming.

Our students can attest to the value of taking it global

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