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French 3653

Canadian Francophone Culture Outside Quebec

French, like English, is one of a handful of languages which is spoken in many different countries by different groups of people. You may know this but not realize why. It is due to the growth and expansion of the French empire from the Renaissance down to almost our own days. The evolution of a distinctive Francophone culture is still seen in many countries today long after the age of colonialism. Canada presents one of the most interesting areas of study, for French culture came to Canada in different waves and at different times, so that there are several distinct Francophone cultures across the country from Newfoundland to British Columbia.

Course Content

After an overview of the different French cultures in Canada, in this particular version of French 3653, we shall focus on the Francophone cultures of Atlantic Canada. We shall study the French history of Atlantic Canada, looking closely at the Acadian settlements of Port-Royal (Annapolis Royal) and Ile royale (Cape Breton Island) and Ile S. Jean (Prince Edward Island). Then we shall consider the province of New Brunswick in the development of Acadian culture today. We shall look for the origins of the Acadians, we shall examine their cultural contacts with native peoples and other Europeans on the Eastern seaboard. We shall study the effects of the Deportation on the shaping of Acadian culture. Among particular topics, we shall study folklore, the development of the Acadian language and Acadian arts, the role of women, the influence of the church on Acadian culture. At the end of the course, we shall look more briefly at the neighbouring island Francophone cultures of Newfoundland and the Magdalen Islands and also Saint Pierre which, although belonging to France, is situated in the Atlantic region.


15 credit hours in French at the 2000 level or permission of the Head of the Department.


Maillet, Marguerite, Gérard LeBlanc et Bernard Émont, Anthologie de textes littéraires acadiens (1606-1975); Moncton, Editions d'Acadie, 1979.


Participation and presentation - 15%, short-paper - 20%, long paper and annotated bibliography - (30 + 5)%, final examination - 30%.


French 3653 is offered in a cycle with French 3650 and 3651.

After French 3653

Students may go on to any other 3000 or 4000 level course for which they have completed the necessary prerequisites.