Current Course Offerings


Spring 2016

Undergraduate Course

Folklore 1000-01 Introduction to Folklore, Slot 03, ED4034, Instructor - Dr. Cynthia Boyd


Fall 2016

Undergraduate Courses 

Course Slot Room          
Folk 1000-01 Intro to Folklore            ED3034B  TBD
Folk 1000-02 Intro to Folklore   ED4034 TBD
Folk 1000-03 Intro to Folklore   ED4011 TBD
Folk 1000-04 Intro to Folklore   ED4034 TBD
Folk 1000-81 Intro to Folklore DE   TBD
Folk 1000-82 Intro to Folklore DE   TBD
Folk 1005-01 Critical Research Writing in NL & Labrador Studies   ED4011 TBD
Folk 2300-01 Newfoundland and Labrador Folklore   ED4034 TBD
Folk 2500-01 Oral Literature   ED4008 TBD
Folk 3300-01 Folk Drama   ED3030 TBD
Folk 3606-01 Supernatural Folklore   ED3034B   TBD
Folk 3930-01 Folklore and Popular Culture   ED4008 TBD
Folk 4460-01 Folk Religion   ED3030 TBD
Folk 4470-01 Spaces and Places   ED4015 TBD

 Graduate Courses

Course Slot Room Instructor
Folk 6010-01 Survey of Folklore Genres M&W 2:00-4:00             ED4036       TBD
Folk 6020-01 Field and Research Methods Field School   Dr. Gould/Dr. Tye                                
Folk 6030-01 Folklore Theories Tu&Thurs 2:00-4:00             ED4051 TBD
Folk 6070-01 Issues in Folklife   ED4051 TBD
Folk 6360-01 Traditional Drama   ED4051 TBD
Folk 7000-01 Advanced Folkloristics I   ED4051 TBD