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On this page: VOLUME III

This section lists the articles which have been published in The Morning Watch over the eight-year period, 1991-1999 (i.e., Vol. 19, Nos. 1-2 to Vol. 26, Nos. 3-4). 

Volume I

  • Implementing Change and Restructuring Schools
  • Miscellaneous

Volume II

  • Parent, Teacher, Student and Community Involvement
  • Curriculum and Instructional Development
  • Literacy
  • Miscellaneous

Volume III

  • Global Marketplace
  • Science Education
  • Classroom Discipline and Management
  • Motivation, Cognition and Achievement
  • Miscellaneous

Volume IV

  • Technology and Training
  • Rural/Adult Education
  • Teacher Education Initiatives
  • Research Perspectives
  • Miscellaneous

Volume III


The Ecoregional Framework for A Global Environment Education
S. Ahearn

Cross-National Consultation In International Collaboration
A. Singh

Job Training for the Global Marketplace? Education and the "New Economy"
P. McCann

Globalization: Some Implications
W. Kennedy

World Englishes: Curriculum Change...
A. Singh

The State and Education in Newfoundland...Globalization
K.S. Kim

Globalization and the Teaching Profession
K.S. Kim

Notes on Overseas Consulting
A. Singh



Science Education - Editorial
A.K. Griffiths

The Participation/Performance Dilemma in Science and Mathematics Education
R.K. Crocker

Equality and Inequality
G. Clark

Computer Technology to Enhance the Teaching and Learning of Science
H. Elliott & F. Shapleigh

Misconceptions Galore
A.K. Griffiths

Student Writing in Science: Moving Toward Understanding
J. Smith

Technology in Science Education In Canadian Elementary Schools
A.K. Griffiths


Due Process in School Discipline: Implications of the Charter
A. Harte & K. McDonald

Toward a Comprehensive Practical Guide for Reflective Classroom Management
A. Singh

Voices of Teacher Interns...
A. Singh

One Man's Perspective on Discipline...
I.L. King

Part II: Some Important Aspects of Classroom Discipline
I.L. King



Consideration on Motivation
T. Seifert

A Teacher's Interpretation of Motivation Strategies
B.A. O'Keefe

An Examination of the Relationship Between Teacher Expectation...Student Achievement
R.C. Janes

Motor Learning, Metacognition
B.L. Mann

Intelligence and Education
T. Seifert



Don't Smile until Christmas...
B. Barrell

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