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On this page: VOLUME II

This section lists the articles which have been published in The Morning Watch over the eight-year period, 1991-1999 (i.e., Vol. 19, Nos. 1-2 to Vol. 26, Nos. 3-4). 

Volume I

  • Implementing Change and Restructuring Schools
  • Miscellaneous

Volume II

  • Parent, Teacher, Student and Community Involvement
  • Curriculum and Instructional Development
  • Literacy
  • Miscellaneous

Volume III

  • Global Marketplace
  • Science Education
  • Classroom Discipline and Management
  • Motivation, Cognition and Achievement
  • Miscellaneous

Volume IV

  • Technology and Training
  • Rural/Adult Education
  • Teacher Education Initiatives
  • Research Perspectives
  • Miscellaneous

Volume II

Exemplary Models of Parental and Community Involvement: A Study of Newfoundland and Labrador Schools
A. Collins

Facing Uncertainty:  Principals React to the Establishment of School Councils
A. Harte & W. Kennedy

School Councils:  A Pilot Study
A. Collins

Teachers, Child Abuse, and the Coordination of Services to Children and Youth: Policy Re/visions In Newfoundland and Labrador
R. Tite

Parents in the School:  The Impact of Father's Participation in Children's Education in Newfoundland
T. Constantine, G. Davis, K. McCarthy & A. Singh

Some Observation on School-Community-Family Relations in Selected Schools in Newfoundland
J. Andrews, L. Andrews, V. Harris-Anstey, D. Coady, R. Cowan, K. Dwyer, P. Edwards, C. Finn-Pike & A. Singh


The Curricular Challenge of Multi-Age Grouping
D. Mulcahy

Music Education and the Formation of Social Consciousness
A. Rose

The Role of the Principal in School Art Instruction
R.L. Ryan

Doubt in Aesthetic Education as a Complete Rationale for School Music: A Sociological Perspective
B. Roberts

Instructional Development: A Conceptual Approach
M. Kennedy & J. Brown

Do We Still Have Multi-grade Classrooms?
D. Mulcahy

Multi-Grade - Single Grade:  What is the Difference?
D. Mulcahy

The Emergence of French First-Language Education in Newfoundland and Labrador
J. Netten & E. Murphy

Learning Strategies in the Classroom
T. Seifert

The Validity of Conceptualizing Teaching as a Craft
B. Barrell

Using Pictures in Teaching Art and Other Stuff
R.L. Ryan

Social Studies via Social Participation: Crossing the Rubicon
K.W. Ludlow

"Arts Smart"
P. Ryan

Offering a Psychological Enrichment Mini-Course
to Junior High School Students
G. Jeffery

Reflections on Religion in the Schools of Newfoundland and Labrador
H. Elliott

Rethinking English Language Arts Teaching: Implications of Curricula and Computer Technologies
R. Hammett


Literacy:  Providing a Conceptional and Operational Definition
W. Fagan

Power and Influence in the Canadian High School
Literacy Canon
B. Barrell & I. Brockie

Literacy, Dead White Males and Boneman
C. Doyle

Early Literacy Development: Circumventing the Home-School Gap
W. Fagan

Exploring Literacy Development: A Comparative Study of Low-Achieving Grade 9 Students in Newfoundland and Alberta
W. Fagan

Validating the IN and FOR Distinctions of a Workplace Literacy Program
W. Fagan & D. Coish


The "New" Morning Watch
T. Piper

Career Guidance: A Shot in the Dark
E. Drodge

Joking in the Classroom: Student Views in Atlantic Canada
W.B.W. Martin & I. Baksh